Pacinos The Barber Inspires Millions Globally With Its Pacinos Line

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Every person in this world is born with their own unique set of talents and passions and as each person grows up, it’s their choice to either pursue what they are passionate about or turn a blind eye to it. Entrepreneur Eric “Pacinos” Roa is emblematic evidence of what can happen when you not only acknowledge the goals set in your mind but pour every ounce of what you have into it, reaping benefits unlike anything ever imagined.

Roa grew up in Queens, New York with a humble upbringing where he found his first pair of scissors at a young age, went into his mom’s bathroom, and cut his hair for the first time. This moment would surely radicalize his entire life as his own work on himself began to turn heads at school. In no time, Roa was running a small business charging friends five dollars per haircut. When his girlfriend became pregnant in high school, however, his dream was put on hold and he joined the U.S. Navy in an effort to better support his family. His hard work and dedication only amplified his goals and before long he was enrolled in cosmetology school at night to get his diploma for barbering.

Not long after leaving the Navy, Roa got a job as a barber and masterfully excelled in his craft. Through persistence and word of mouth, Roa’s lineup of clients reached a staggering amount while at the same time Roa had noticed a severe absence of quality men’s hair products offered in stores. With respect to his passion, Pacinos The Barber began reaching out to manufacturers and expertly tested products in such a way that allowed for only the top notch materials to be used. His zeal for the hair industry began to overflow and he eventually hung up his barber shears to fully invest in the launch of his business, Pacinos Signature Line. With products that honor a variety of hair types stemming from his Colombian descent and onward, Pacinos has since blown up the hair industry with a widespread inauguration in Target, Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacy. Roa himself throughout his 15-year career span has a client list of some of the world’s most renowned names including the likes of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Sean “Jay Z” Carter, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Kevin Hart, and others. His artistry in the industry has further allowed Roa the opportunity to tour around the U.S. and Internationally as a Platform Artist & Educator for WAHL Clippers, a leader in the professional and home grooming industry. His impressive resume continues offering an expansion of product retailers in countries such as, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Iraq, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Japan and more, helping him close contracts with recognized international retailers such as Superdrug (United Kingdom), Manor (Switzerland), Watsons (UAE), among others.

This breed of success is not one that comes naturally by any means. While every person is born with their own set of passions it’s not until they take initiative in pursuit of those goals that they are able to actually build and see results. Pacinos The Barber accredits his success to not only his direct passion for the craft but in addition to his evocative customer service repertoire in which the goal was to always be available for a client as well as to treat them like gold. This level of awareness began as a foundation for his building his brand in the sense that Roa put himself forth as his own target customer. This authentic, personalized approach has allowed for him to put emphasis on what is important in every step of the businesses goals in terms of how the customer is in taking the product and thus how to enrich their experience and make it holistically better. Roa’s wholehearted customer service set the tone for what began as his barber career and, since Pacinos Signature Line’s launch, has since spanned and overflowed into the rest of his endeavors. With a series of APPs called “Pacinos” available for download in the iTunes & Android Market, a social media bursting with catchy as well as relatable reels, and a confident brand he’s honed, Roa’s fire is far from burning out. His humble beginnings are a story that many can resonate with, which is how he is able to incite such immense inspiration across the globe. Pacinos The Barber’s commitment to not only his family and responsibilities but also to himself have paved the way for the true authentic success that billions of people dream of. A true commitment to your passions is the first step to ensuring quality, long-lasting successful results. Pacinos approved.


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