Orel Shitrit feels digital media spending will multiply exponentially

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2020 has seen many entrepreneurs and small businesses crumble and disappear, as the challenges of the pandemic overwhelm them, but one entrepreneur who thrives in any economic climate is Orel Shitrit.

Shitrit, at only 22 years old, has already made the switch from a successful MMA champion to social media expert and serial entrepreneur. He was a passionate MMA fighter, and a good one, too – he won the Israeli National Champion in Muay Thai before succumbing to a serious leg injury.

Unfortunately, this injury meant he couldn’t fight nor train, and so he had to find something else to pursue while his leg healed. Like many of us, Shitrit spent his recovery time on social media, but he wasn’t endlessly scrolling – he was learning absolutely everything he could about how it worked and how to be successful on each platform.

Shitrit fell in love with the opportunity that social media provided individuals and brands to grow and reach a global audience. And, so, as his recovery developed, he founded his own businesses and experimented.

It wasn’t long before the young investor, influencer, and entrepreneur founded his agency: Noble Media & Partners. The agency doesn’t just focus on social media account growth, which their almost 95,000 followers on Instagram attests to, but also specializes in ads management, public relations, branding, and e-commerce – all areas Shitrit has an affinity for.

Noble Media & Partners quickly established themselves as experts in the social media industry, and so it’s no surprise that small businesses and influencers turned to them for help when the pandemic hit earlier this year.

Shitrit didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and see which businesses made it through – the pandemic has brought about challenges that have never happened before, and so he stepped up and offered free consultations and support to small brands and businesses so they could get the advice that they needed to continue to grow and thrive, despite the challenges that 2020 has wrought.

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