Online Legal Service Platform Yourstartup9 Raises ₹1.15 Crores.

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Yourstartup9 Pvt Ltd has raised 1.15 Crores in seed capital from investors, which it plans to utilize to improve its technology and expand its service offerings. With the recently attained funding, Yourstory9 Pvt Ltd has already started working on several methods to enhance its service range.

The ultimate goal of the firm’s expenditure of the seed capital, according to the company, is to reach an ever-higher level of consumer satisfaction while also expanding its service gamut to ensure that entrepreneurs and corporates can get a complete solution for their business needs while maintaining the highest standards of fulfillment.

In order to build a successful startup, an entrepreneur must overcome impediments. A broad list of roadblocks is frequently accompanied by legalities that not every entrepreneur is aware of. Yourstartup9 Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of Aadarsh Kandwal, who decided to take matters into his own hands after encountering difficulties on his route to entrepreneurship and ensure that no other aspiring entrepreneur has to go through the same ordeal. Yourstartup9 Pvt Ltd is a legal service provider for entrepreneurs and corporations headquartered in Delhi-NCR.

They are experts in both the legal framework and the specific business requirements of different economic sectors. They have a proven track record of advising firms and people on how to do business in India based on their specific needs. Yourstory9 Pvt Ltd takes a strategy that requires the highest levels of knowledge, technical expertise, and service delivery in each practice area, which allows for providing accurate, dependable, fast, and cost-effective guidance to a variety of industry groups and sectors. Their team of associates exemplifies this by adhering to the system and ensuring that the client’s demands are always the number one priority.

Yourstory9 has a large list of delighted consumers who can attest to the company’s excellent service. The majority of his clients come from referrals from pleased consumers. The firm feels that word-of-mouth marketing through satisfied consumers is the most effective kind of marketing.

The company’s success can be attributed to its team, which works together to provide outcomes that gratify every customer. The team’s dedication has helped the company establish a presence for itself in the market; this recognition comes not just from customers, but also from investors. With the recently obtained funding and the expansion of their service offerings, Yourstory9 Pvt Ltd. hopes to achieve a revenue of ₹5 Crores by the year 2023.

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