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Number one reason why storytelling is the most powerful way to create influence

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Zurlia Servellon, PR expert shares why she focuses on storytelling while building and scaling brands using media publicity.

Servellon never went to school to be a writer or a publicist, so she never imagined she would be working in this industry, but she always knew she wanted to find a way to leave an impact in the lives she came in contact with.

She studied psychology at the University of Grand Canyon where she received her master’s degree, but during her studies of the mind, she realized the only way to keep people’s attention was to teach while telling stories that emotionally connect with others.

“This is the only way to inspire positive change, leave an impact and create influence. People believe that the most knowledgeable person in the room will always hold the highest power, but if we take a closer look, we realize, that no matter how much knowledge you possess, if you don’t know how to convey influence, strike a nerve, and emotionally connect with others then you have no power. Storytelling allows us to create influence. Take Warren Buffet, for example, he would have done no good by hiding his knowledge, but he would also have never become influential if he did not use the power of storytelling to share it,” says Servellon.

We have used storytelling since the beginning of time. It is used in religion, movies, books, but not many businesses have adopted the idea to share stories in order to build powerful brands.

“We spend an average of ??% of our days daydreaming, and this is why it is tricky to catch people’s focus for long periods of time. What you give them has to be juicy, and interesting enough to take them away from daydreaming ⁣and into the story of your business. This is why I help all of my clients create powerful stories that help instill ???????? and ??????????, so their brands can become unforgettable” Says Servellon.

Attention seems to be the new cash, with no attention you can’t create influence, and without influence, you can’t create a powerful brand that keeps your business alive.
But it seems like most entrepreneurs keep trying to make everything logical even though the human body and mind are designed to respond to what is emotional.

So, when you are creating a brand story, instead of just mindlessly using marketing techniques and talking about facts, start paying attention to how your message makes people ????.⁣

When your story comes from your heart, people will naturally get to know, like, and trust you.⁣ They’ll feel emotionally invested in your brand.⁣ That’s what gets them to buy without being salesy, and only when you understand the emotions (not just facts) evoked by your brand, you can amplify with publicity so the world can know you.⁣

If you are ⁣ready to story sell and story connect, contact Zurlia Servellon to get started.

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