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“Confidence isn’t about faking it until you make it; it’s about practicing it until you believe it.”

As we all face this, Race against time entails learning how to stay ahead by balancing your thought process.

Ms.Mamtaa, Truly believes that the enlightenment of inner motivation is the absolute path to confidence and success. says”,

Nothing can beat experience. With more than 130000 practical clients, we are in the beauty market.

You can’t buy confidence; you have to build it by taking a lot of risks.

With this, they are e launching another vertical of business which is Beauty products. Beautiful Twig from our primary business, OLAMOR -mi man chi


This was the mindset of the CEO. Now is a time for 3…2…1… let’s launch.

This launch taught us that tough times make you more challenging, so looking at the current scenario, all negative approach blocks should be eliminated and move ahead with our new twig and nurture it.

OLAMOR was carved out of the principles:

Inspiration: To be the inspiration you want to be!

Determination- A promise to be firm on taking care of oneself

Courage- To accept and flaunt who you are

Idealism- To change the idealism of unrealistic perfection.

We don’t just sell Skin and Haircare products; instead, we deliver a promise to be there and guide you in your belle journey.

“Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”-Something true and experienced by all. 

To unlock our true potential and the luminosity of our skin and hair, we need to take care of it constantly. At OLAMOR, we highly emphasize the culture of consistency in self-care. Different skin types deserve additional respect, and our diverse product range and OLAMOR guide can equip you to score a 10 in your following personal goals. Beauty comes from within, and you cannot achieve it overnight. We are obsessed with creating the finest Skin and hair care products for you so that you can sit back relaxed and enjoy the pampering you like to achieve through your regime.

All B2B Companies who make beauty products have to be more creative and innovative in maintaining and sustaining in the market.

In today’s virtual world, everything is digital, so 60 percent of companies’ growth is dependent on online sales and marketing.

We are targeting to enhance the customer decision journey if the journey is smooth and awareness-based. It will reflect optimistic buyers.

All we ask for is determination and a promise to be consistent!

To help you with the Skin and hair care reminders, we have developed a mobile application for customizing skin and hair care reminders:

Why us

Uninterrupted supply & seamless delivery

we are in the beauty industry for years, so we have a solution.

Efficient costing as per the Industrial standards

High-Quality Products as available In the B2C segment

customer services connectivity.

Unshakable commitments ensue in more confidence; confidence connected with commitment gives a miracle result!

OLAMOR COSMETIC IS CREATED WITH result-oriented confidence.

Confidently Committed.

Mamtaa Joshi, CEO, The Orange Tree®

Master Style Consultant, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur


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