NEHA SONI’S SCREAM CREAM creating a buzz in the Ice-Cream industry In The City Of Joy KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL !

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Meet NEHA SONI, born and raised in Odisha and married in kolkata is the founder of new sensation SCREAM CREAM . Like everybody she also likes ice creams but she had this keen interest in making them which led to this home based natural Ice-Cream brand which now has a long list of happy customers.
Though Neha is a graduate in Fashion designing but her passion always revolved around making Ice creams as all of her family and friends are fond of ice creams. She would always experiment by adding different flavours and colours in her ice cream and they turned out pretty amazing.
She got the motivation of turning her passion into profession from her family and friends. And in 2019 she finally founded Scream Cream with sole purpose to serve happiness into little scoops of her Ice-cream.
The speciality of  SCREAM CREAM is that its completely Home made Ice cream BRAND without any added Colours and any Chemicals SCREAM CREAM also Makes PET FRIENDLY ICE CREAM which currently is Ruling Out and All the PET CLIENTS are LOVING IT  the ice creams are custom made at home as per requirements and are freshly churned.
Everybody loves Ice creams and obviously ice cream is something which holds the power to change moods of people. It can make a bad day look like a good one. And this is why they say “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy an Ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing” and we completely agree with the same!!
Scream cream has a lot of flavours to offer, some of their popular variations are their gourmet flavours like MATKA PAAN, THANDAI, VANILLA SNICKERS, CHILLI GUAVA, AFGHAN DRY FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE BROWNIE. They also offer occasional hampers for Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc. 
Being a home based natural Ice cream start-up, Scream Cream is now a sensation in the locality and the fever for it’s Ice creams is not going down.

Neha also shared that making Ice creams and serving it to people would always make her feel happier. She also said that she truly believes in customer satisfaction and would go miles for the same.
Scream cream is from the heart because what gives a best ending to a day is an awesome Ice-Cream!!!
We strongly recommend you to give it a try whenever you are in Kolkata.


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