Need More Leads That Turn Into Closings? Mike Oddo’s Pay Per Closing Solution

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Leads are the lifeblood of business. Traditionally, companies and real estate agents would use print and television advertising. After the rise of social media, the companies and agents that didn’t adapt are no longer in trade. Still, in 2022, real estate agents did adapt, but unsuccessfully and are holding on by the skin of their teeth. For these, a new service arose, done for you lead generation. Mike Oddo was one of the first. In 2012 Mike formed Market Maker, the first company to offer pre-positioned appointments for real estate agents in North America.

Throughout the past decade, agents targeted by Facebook advertisements were told they could sit back and relax and watch the leads flow through. Rarely this is the case. Oddo considers himself one of the few honest marketers in this industry. Yet, he knows many agents who have inquired into his services in the past or viewed his advertisements take that with a pinch of salt. Their scepticism is justified. Until 2022 Mike would do all that he could to overcome doubt, so those who were sceptics could see the results they longed for, like his clients who jumped on board and those struggling to make the digital world work frequently financially are hurting.

Taking this into account, Oddo formed Pay Per Closing to predominantly guide those who have not successfully joined the digital way. The side benefits are that those with scepticism have an easier transition to lead generation, and the same applies to those financially hurting.

Pay Per Closing is from agents for agents. It’s a program for real estate agents across North America to garner new and exclusive leads without a monthly retainer. Oddo handles your lead generation and provides you with the scripts and knowledge to turn the leads into clients. From there, Oddo will have earned a 25% referral fee. If, however, you prefer the idea of no referral fee and would like Oddo to generate your leads, his company, Market Maker, may be better suited. If the information above applies to you, Pay Per Closing will likely be the option for you, and you can request information via their website.

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