Nandha Infotech at its core – “Technology, a simple and smooth affair”.

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Nandha Infotech – a turnkey solutions provider – aims to perfect the business opportunities of its clients by crafting tailor-made software solutions. Established in the year 2014, NIT has since then expanded its services into a number of verticals, including electronic product design, providing prototypes. NIT has witnessed its evolution in parallel with the technological world, and now has successfully moved into the niche space of integrating sensors with VR/AR kits. The kind of reception NIT’s solutions and products has in the marketplace is a testament to the efforts taken by NIT’s Founder and CEO, Mr. T. Vigneshwaran, and his team.

“NIT have a long runway ahead. And I believe that with this experience and talents that we have at hand, we are poised to bring life to our vision of ‘Making technology – a simple and smooth affair’.” – T. Vigneshwaran.

Being a solutions provider is just a part of what NIT and it has deep-rooted connection with the career discipline ever since the day it was conceptualized. NIT provides the following services in its career management vertical:

  • Imparting technical training to candidates in upcoming technology.
  • Upskilling corporates’ workforce to meet the growing needs of their customers.
  • Providing internships to candidates with real time exposure.

In embedded solutions, NIT has made its entry into Data Analytics and PCB Design Services. This is an expensive platform to be in. And so, NIT has made sure that not only its solutions in this space but also the price is attractive.

The journey, starting from 2014 to date, has seen many pitstops. One of the most significant pitstop is that NIT has launched TCC (Technical Consultancy Cell) in support of their IoT products, which was approved and supported by IIIT Sri city campus.

Over the years, Nanda Infotech has made its imprints in the following verticals – defence, automotive, software, virtual reality, bio-medical, and Agri tech. The customer base that NIT has stands as a testament to its inevitable nature.


For a start-up venture that has only a handful years of experience into embedded space, the amount of capital and effort that goes into R&D at NIT speaks to the value potential that it is about to unlock in the coming years. One particular standout in the healthcare space is its Oxygen Concentrator, named as ARIA, that was made in collaboration with PRS Compressors and MedCuore Medical Solutions. Ltd. Any innovation or invention that can’t lend its hand in times of crisis is of no value. This particular product developed and deployed during a huge health crisis is a tell-tale sign to the role of technology in the coming years.

The same universal law has helped NIT to grow in the Agri Tech space as well. Integrating VR/AR into agriculture, NIT has exclusively developed a product, SenseLuto, a soil monitoring IoT device.

T Vigneshwaran is the mastermind behind all these incredible achievements. As the Founder and CEO of such a start-up, he has multiple recognitions to his name. A few that speak volume about his credibility includes a World Record for developing 153 web applications in just 10 hours. His stint in the motivational speaking area is one that has to be appreciated, as it is helping the budding entrepreneurs to envision their future accordingly. He is hoping to hear testimonials a half-decade from now.

To date, he has trained more than 1,50,000 students from different parts of the world, making himself a global persona. A couple recognition and accolades that shaped him as the person he is now.

●             First person to create 153 web applications in 10 hours, which was approved by Universal Achievers Book of Records and Future Kalams Books of Records.

●             Trained 28 school students to create 220 chat bots in 90 minutes. This act received him the World Record for Technical Training.

His domain of expertise includes PhP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, SQL, and he is in the process of becoming the Jack of all trades in the technology space. His hands-on experience Yii frameworks include MVC, WordPress, Open Cart, Bootstrap.

Parting thought – beacon of hope:

He himself believes achievements are waiting to be fall into right place at the right time. It’s upto us to make it there at the right time.

To connect and know more about Vignesh and his works, visit:


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