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“Music was my first crush till it said it loves me”, says successful entrepreneur, RishabJain.

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Rishab Jain, the entrepreneur from Bangalore, says, “Music was my first crush till it said it loves
me”. Rishab Jain has many titles on his name. He is an entrepreneur, singer, performer, and
also actor. Rishab runs an event management company, Silverpearl & Co. He has been running
this company since 2007 along with his brothers, Aashish Jain and Sanjay Jain. The talented
entrepreneur, Rishab Jain pursued his graduation from KM conservatory, a foundation by the
legendary music composer, A. R. Rahman.
After graduation from A. R. Rahman college, he started his own companies. Rishab has started
a number of successful businesses including ‘The Chords School of Music & Technology, The
Chords recording studio, The Chords Jam room, and The Chords Musician Store. To add to it,
he also launched his own Guitar Brand in the name of ‘The Chords’. Well, this even does not
end here. He also owns a music cafe, ‘The Cuboidal’ in Bangalore. One thing is for sure that
Rishab has mastered the art of entrepreneurship. While it is considered one of the toughest jobs
to build and scale even one business, there is this entrepreneur who has a whole series of
It can be understood that he has built a whole ecosystem for music passionates. He’s offering
almost every facility a musician asks for. Without a relevant family background, Rishab has
proved his place in entrepreneurship. Apart from entrepreneurship, Rishab is also considered a
professional rookie in the field of entertainment. The self-earned man has been performing for 3
In a very short span of just 3 years, when most people struggle even to get work, he has hosted
more than 250 shows and sung for more than 500 events as well. He has been in many popular
shows and competitions. Rishab has been the semi-finalist of the magical voice of India,
Mumbai, and the runner-up of Talent Hunt Mumbai. He has hosted many shows, even with

“Agar Kismatt mai likha hoga toe Zaroor Jitunga,aur agar kismatt mai na likha hoga toe Kismatt
hi Badal Dunga” is a quote by Rishab Jain. He says, “I have been following and learning from
the legend Padma Shri Sonu Nigam as my Musical Parent.” He has been singing and posting
videos on social platforms in Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, and some regional languages too. All
these achievements, capabilities and talent makes Rishab an inspiration to the people dreaming
to achieve something in their life. Well, it’s obvious that you would want to know more about him
now. So here is the link to his latest release on YouTube.


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