Multi-bullion brand CoinBazaar is the go-to gifting and investment platform for coin lovers in India

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There’s a long history India has with gold coins. Owning gold in any household is a ritual in India. Almost every Indian family invests in physical gold coins or jewellery. Besides the beauty and elegance of gold, it has the high resale value that has seen people invest in gold for years. Whether it is an occasion or event, gold and silver coins have been a significant part of every household. Bringing an array of bullion brands under the same roof, CoinBazaar was founded in October 2012.

Offering a variety of largest coins and bars, the online platform serves the customers with live and transparent rates. Along with it, the customers are entitled to get 100% Guarantee of genuine products with purity certificates , a lifetime buyback guarantee and free shipping across India. The one-of-a-kind platform sticks to the authenticity and purity of its products, thereby giving customers the best rate than the market rate.

But what makes CoinBazaar the most trusted and loved marketplace in the online ecosystem?

To be precise, the multi-brand bullion platform offers variety of platinum, gold and silver coins. On the official website of the brand –, customers have an ocean of choices to purchase precious metals depending on special occasions. Moreover, one can buy the coins based on their religion. It is perhaps one of the few reasons that CoinBazaar has garnered love from its customers.

The men behind incorporating CoinBazaar are the trio of Pankaj Jain, Priyesh Shah and Rakesh Jain. These three men deep-dived into entrepreneurship in their late 30s after realising that local jewellers had limited scope to show or sell coins and bars. Before the brand saw the light, Pankaj Jain worked in IT giant Infosys for seven years. On the other hand, Priyesh Shah is a Chartered Accountant. His expertise in financial investments helped the brand upscale its value as the ultimate investment hub in India. Interestingly, Rakesh Jain is an ex-employee of global giant TCS with in-depth experience in e-commerce and online shopping. There’s no denying that these three wise men with their varied experiences have taken CoinBazaar to newer heights in the Indian market. Apart from the authenticity, the customization of the products on CoinBazaar has found its niche among the Indian audience.

While there are already leading key players in India’s jewellery market, CoinBazaar has excelled as a top-notch brand among its customers. If you are looking for an ideal and unique gifting option to surprise your loved ones, purchase the finest coins from CoinBazaar. We are sure that the value of these coins in the coming years will appreciate. Aren’t the products of CoinBazaar thoughtful? They can make people smile, and are also the perfect investment tool to gift your loved ones.


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