Mohammed Zoheb Hossain – Story of a Multi-skilled Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Creating a mark in the world of business is not easy. At times the idea does not become sufficient; versatility and immense passion, and multi-faceted skills get the job done well. This is about one such multi-skill,passionate entrepreneur, who has come out at the forefront of the entrepreneurship world and his contribution to society.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Mr Mohammed Zoheb Hossain has always been inclined towards entrepreneurship since a very young age. “TOPPER” had clearly got it’s eye upon him. He is the silver medalist in”BHM” under West Bengal University Of Technology. Since childhood, he seemed quite enthusiastic and passionate about automobiles. He had an intense desire to serve society in every possible way for social development and upliftment. His father is a senior government employee, while his mother is a homemaker. While somewhere deep within, he had already instilled a goal to establish something of his own and also want his younger brother ,Mohammed Zaid Hossain to unite with him in the business in the upcoming 5 years. With this initiative, he joined as a full-time Secretary in Kidderpore Child’s World School right after completing PGDBA (First Class) in 2009. His mother started the school in 2006 as only a Kindergarten school; however, Mr Hossain had a unicorn of ideas on his hands, and he ran with it developing the school till Std X together with the total strength of more than 1000 students.

In 2013, Mr Hossain formed a trust, namely Kidderpore Minority Welfare and Educational Trust, for the betterment of the minority community of the locality. Though it was not easy, as nothing comes so easy, Mr Hossain had to use his specific skills and hard work to make things better for the welfare of society. His innovative and extraordinary skills, along with his high level of motivation, kept him going and resulted in something huge that made them capable of becoming a helping hand during the crisis of the covid-19 pandemic. During lockdown in 2020, Kidderpore Minority Welfare and Educational Trust have helped more than 500 households with food and medical support.

In 2017, Mr Hossain started his firm ‘Bismillah Enterprise,’ which deals in leather products. In two years in 2019, Mr Hossain had established another firm, ‘Pinnacle Suppliers’, that deals in office stationery supplies. Mr Hossain has always been creative in bringing up new ideas in business, and it is only because of the hard work he had successfully established two ventures in just two years. His ability to run multiple businesses is evident from his passion and innovation with great ideas. Not just in business, Mr Hossain had gone out of his way to make a mark by becoming West Bengal State Chairman of IHRCCC, New Delhi, in the year 2021. 

Inspite of all these multi-talented achievements, he loves to spend his time with his beloved son, Mohammed Zoraiz Hossain and they often go to the long drives. Isn’t it great to be a amazing enterpriser, skillful philanthropist and also a perfect father.

Entrepreneurial success does not come easy. A lot goes behind it, like hard work and sacrifices. Mr Hossain has also faced few challenges as he is the only founder of his ventures, and he spares no effort to make his business a booming one. His zeal and enthusiasm, along with his management skill gained over the years of experience, played a pivotal role in handling day-to-day operations in his business. Travelling to other cities to accomplish business commitments has been very challenging for him, especially during the Covid period. With rich experience and valuable lessons, Mr Hossain has learned and makes an exceptional effort to provide the best experience to his customers and all stakeholders. He has earned more than 30 Awards and recognition for his exemplary contribution towards societal development.

Mr Hossain concludes with very profound words for the aspiring entrepreneurs “There is no shortcut for success. When combined, three things can do wonders: determination to succeed, willing to work hard, and right decision-making skills at the right time. Keep finding opportunity in every critical situation and never give up.” 


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