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Mohammed Al-Mathani Explains Why Your Mindset Is Your Greatest Asset

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Our mindset has a significant impact on the outcomes of our endeavors. Mindset shapes how we perceive the world, including all opportunities and challenges. Mindset determines what actions we take and the rigor we put in. Mohammed Al-Mathani, a business leader and well-known name in accounting and financial affairs, suggests, “Your mindset can be your biggest asset or your greatest liability. You get to choose whether your mindset helps you rise or fall”.

Psychologists believe mindset can either be fixed or growth. People who have a fixed mindset inherently think that their abilities are hardcoded and cannot be altered. Their mindset holds them back from exploring beyond their comfort zones. “People with a fixed mindset are typically scared or disinterested in trying new things, both on professional and personal fronts,” believes Mohammed Al-Mathani.

On the contrary, people with a growth mindset believe their abilities can grow with time and focused effort. People with a growth mindset typically put in extra effort and time, leading to success. Mohammed Al-Mathani says, “A growth mindset is mighty and powerful. When you truly believe you can, you start looking for opportunities. You put in the focused effort and widen your horizons”.

Mohammed Al-Mathani attributes living a fuller life to his growth mindset. He is a qualified (CPA) and (CMA) Certificate holder, holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from the Canadian University. He simultaneously serves family business groups with his grit and determination. Mohammed Al-Mathani says, “Growth mindset helps me enjoy sports like football, swimming, and car racing.”

Mohammed Al-Mathani assures us that we have the power to change our mindset from fixed to growth. “Do not let momentary failures bring your spirits down. Embrace failures, and look at them as opportunities to improve yourself,” he says.

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