Millionaires in just one year.

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The ever-evolving tech world is making new entrepreneurs eager to leverage their ideas and create premium products that can be sold in the market. 

The courage and perseverance it takes to run a business are so important.

Raja Singh and Saurav Shrivastava are the new youth icons of India. Both friends are on the young entrepreneur list of India. They started their career in 2020 by providing customised accessories like t-shirts, watches, etc. The company has become a huge brand within a year by having a customer database of more than 3 million customers. By the mid of 2021, Mr Raja Singh was getting approached by the top angel investors and Venture capitalists to invest in his business. The company has generated a revenue of 1.5 million dollars in FY 20-21. Mr Raja has a workforce of 100 dedicated employees. 

Raja Singh’s idea of customising accessories has become a boom in the corporate gifting market. Many venture capitalists have invested in Raja’s business and are getting great interest in return. By the end of 2021, Mr Raja Singh and Mr Saurav Shrivastava have become millionaires. The duo is planning to enter the corporate gift market by providing their products to multinational companies. Along with this, they are also planning to take their business on more height by opening the outlets where the people can see the product’s quality and buy the products. These outlets will be in entire India by 2025. In an interview, Mr Raja has told us that these outlets will be in every city of India and the goods will be available at reasonable prices. He told us that customers could get their customise goods in these outlets within half an hour so that customers don’t have to wait for a week to get their customised stuff.  

Mr Raja Singh is also a member of the BNI group since 2019. Angel investors in the BNI group have funded Raja Singh of 4 million dollars. Mr Raja is going to enter the E-commerce market as well. According to the sources, he has a unique and great idea for the E-commerce market, which will be a revolutionary change for the E-commerce industry of India. They are planning to launch an E-commerce company which will deliver the goods in just one hour. This company will deal in Electronics, Groceries, Foods, Home appliances, smartphones etc. Mr Raja Singh believes that delivery time is a huge issue in India that needs to be resolved. That’s why he has decided to launch an E-commerce platform that can deliver the goods in just one hour. Both the partners have a plan to grow their business overseas. They are expecting a 100-million-dollar revenue by the end of 2025. 

With lots of hard work and dedication towards the business, they have become a youth icon. They are inspiring many youngsters in India. We congratulate them and wish them all the best for their future and career ahead.


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