Michael Arthur – Humble beginnings to International Award Winning Jewelry Brand with over 300,000+ social media following. 

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Michael Fallah began his Jewelry apprenticeship at the age of 16. Fast forward 20 years, he has created one of the fastest-growing jewelry brands. Recently, he was ranked number 25 in the Top 50 Smart Company Business Awards. The company has had an impressive 107% turnover increase from 2020 to 2021. He is also taking out the 2021’s “Most Innovative Jeweler” award presented by The APAC Business Awards. 

The Brand has focused on streamlining the process of building custom-made engagement rings online with their one-of-a-kind “Online Ring Builder.”

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We spoke with Michael Fallah (Director & Founder) about his state of the art ring builder, and he had this to say:

 “We saw a gap in the market when it came to helping our clients design their own custom engagement rings and to get a quote on the spot. So I created an online ring builder where you can build your dream ring & add a live diamond within 60 seconds. The complete price is displayed instantly and our customers can check out within a few clicks. We receive the order and start crafting and ship the ring or piece worldwide within 4 weeks”. 

Michael also mentioned, “The average cost of an engagement ring will range from $10,000-$20,000+ which is quite a large investment. We wanted to create a seamless process for our clients and to help them as much as we can along the way”. 

Many people have never purchased fine jewelry of this value before, then add in the pressure to purchase a ring that’s Instagram-worthy, and it’s no wonder buyers are nervous. 

Michael Arthur focused on their client needs by educating & streamlining the buying and building process. The extensive website took 12 months to build and offers over $20 million worth of live diamonds so consumers can make an educated decision when buying online or in their Paddington store in Sydney, Australia. 

Michael Fallah Director & Founder 

After working in the jewelry industry for many years and gaining his experience in the field, Michael realized that something was missing, i.e., the direct jeweler to client experience. From this, the idea of allowing the customer to have a one on one relationship with the jeweler emerged, bringing to life the whole original concept where they are involved in every step of the process. Right from the selection of the diamond to the type of gold/platinum they desire in their intricate design. 

Michael truly believes that educating his clients is crucial. With an ever-growing, international client base, an idea to bring this experience into the modern world via the internet came to life. This not only allows his local following to take part in this process but anyone, anywhere on the globe. Michael mentioned, “We have shipped our pieces to over 50 countries so far, which is an amazing achievement for the company”. 

In addition to purchasing directly off the Michael Arthur website, buyers who want a human touch can book an in-store consultation or zoom meeting online. “We love to educate our clients, so together when in-store, we discuss the different diamond options to help with the selection process.” 

Most customers are so grateful that they send their proposal photos to be featured on their Instagram page, which can be viewed below – 

“Buying an engagement ring can be a tricky process but I like to think we have made it easier,” says Michael Fallah. 

We asked Michael what are the hottest-shaped diamonds of 2022. “Right now Oval cut, Brilliant cut, Radiant cut and Pear shaped diamonds are in high demand. If we create and post a new design on our social media and it goes viral that shape becomes extremely sought after and the enquiries flood in. Sometimes our videos can reach millions of people around the world. As of right now it’s extremely hard to source elongated Radiant cut diamonds that are high quality and well priced. We receive enquiries daily on Radiant cut diamonds,” said Michael. 

The brand specializes in Engagement rings but also has a large variety of wedding rings, diamond tennis bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and dress rings. “We create any 

type of fine jewelry for our clients. The diamond bracelets are extremely popular gifts or anniversary presents”. Michael mentioned. 

At Michael Arthur, each customer is invited to let go of the traditional method of finding that perfect piece and get a taste of the unique VIP Michael Arthur experience, allowing them to be different proudly. Whether that be in person or online. Book online today! 

Visit: to build your dream ring today!


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