BusinessMarketsWorld – A marketplace for Effective M.I.C.E Travel planning aims to Digitalise the INR 22000 crore M.I.C.E travel industry, which is Totally OFFLINE as on date, Unorganised and Fragmented.

2 Mins read has been strategically designed to bring the world of M.I.C.E travel on a single platform, offering a wide range of solutions that will help Buyers and Sellers to transact Optimally and with ease. 

MICEKART PRIVATE LTD has been incorporated in 2019 and have been working on developing the platform in the 1st year of operation and then onboarding partners during the 2nd year, while the pandemic had closed down the entire travel industry. Today is live and ready to cater to M.I.C.E clients and the huge pent-up demand for Corporate Travel and Events.

Why does the M.I.C.E segment in India need Digitalisation?

  • The current Offline M.I.C.E planning process is extremely complex and time-consuming. 
  • To Plan M.I.C.E today, Clients have to depend on Offline M.I.C.E companies and their traditional approach.
  • Offline Planning has its limitations – Decision making gets difficult with limited options and offline company’s limited knowledge.
  • Sellers of M.I.C.E Products and services don’t have a platform to reach out to M.I.C.E buyers directly, Showcase their Products, offer deals and sell effectively.
  • Absence of a smart Review platform for M.I.C.E products and services that will help clients plan effectively.  
  • The manual evaluating process for RFQs can be questioned in most cases. 

An offline M.I.C.E RFQ closure currently takes a minimum of 2 days. Complex RFQs could take at least a week to close. 

How is solving it?

  •’s goal is to bring everything in the world of M.I.C.E on a single platform.
  • The platform already lists a wide range of M.I.C.E Products and Services. 
  • M.I.C.E buyers within India and Globally can now smartly search online and book their Hotels, Artiste, Team building solutions, Event solutions, Events, Merchandise, etc.
  • Search for available deals and save costs.  
  • A review platform for clients to make prudent choices.
  • is currently the only platform connecting Buyers and Sellers of M.I.C.E products and services. 

Clients using MICEkart.coms inbuilt RFQ mechanism can close M.I.C.E RFQs within hours and in a highly effective manner. 

The journey till date. 

  • The Company is registered as a Private Ltd, and we are in 3rd year of operation.
  • The platform is developed and tested. 
  • A significant number of partners have already been onboarded.
  • A very unique Mobile APP for Event management has been developed.
  • A strong and dynamic team is in place and ready to transform M.I.C.E travel.



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