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MY FOOD XPERT (MFX) is a growth-oriented international food consulting

company that provides valuable services to the food processing industry.

The food industry often requires oversight and expert advice on new

product development, product changes, quality assurance, and material

handling. As an experienced global food consultant, we support clients in every

aspect of the food business, from ideas to product launches. We have been

involved in the development of several innovative food products for national

and international brands. With the advice of our experts, clients can

find new opportunities, understand their competitors and solve them

business’s technical and commercial challenges.

My Food Xpert focuses on simplifying the food industry’s processes by

implementing a variety of techniques that will benefit the food industry in the

long run. Our talented team is always on the lookout for the latest global

food innovations, and our years of experience provide our customers with

valuable insights into marketing new products.

MY FOOD XPERT (MFX)’s goal is to be a trusted, world-leading food

consultant to deliver superior results using the right skills and diverse

industry experience. We try not to leave stones according to the customer’s

request. Bring your problem and see how we turn your challenge into

future opportunities!

My Food Xpert (MFX)’s goal is to become a leading provider

of food advisors in India. Through the right skills and the right expertise at

MFX, organizations are committed to delivering client-centric results. We

work according to the client’s requirement and make sure to leave no stone

unturned. Considering the aspirations of our clients, we will act in their best

interests to deliver customized, sustainable, and economically viable solutions

that will drive success. My Food Expert is a growth-oriented organization

providing valuable services to food processing industries. Food industries in

India requires monitoring and expert advice on new product development,

product modification, quality assurance, material handling. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the food industry, we desire to help our clients

convert their dreams into reality. Our clients’ success is most important for us,

and we want to exceed their expectations by always delivering the best


  • Specialities of MFX’s Team
  • Food Certification

As we specialize in many areas of the food industry, our core competence lies in our advice on implementing food standards. Food Cognizant provides comprehensive support, certification, and implementation of a variety of food and feed standards.

  • Setup Designing

Optimal use of space and efficient process flow play a central role in system planning. We help our customers start with the right guidelines to create an ideal setup that meets all standards and regulatory requirements. Good manufacturing practice begins with the foundation itself. Food safety concerns such as one-way flow, separation of dirty and clean areas, and allergen management. It should be taken into consideration when setting up the unit. Ideally, you should pay close attention to the installation of your commercial kitchen. This determines the time it takes to serve customers and ensure food safety. Optimal kitchen layout contributes to maximum productivity as well as hygiene.

  • Product Improvements

Product Improvements are an important part of the food industry. Through product improvements, food brands can bring meaningful product innovation and change, leading to new customer acquisition and increased value for existing customers. As the market becomes more competitive and dynamic, there is a strong need and desire for innovative and new formulations that are widely accepted by end users. MFX’s dedicated team will help you create compelling recipes for existing and potential clients. We take regulatory sensitivity into account and develop all types of recipes that meet your marketing needs to achieve your business goals.

  • Compliance with laws and regulation

It is the responsibility of each organization to comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications as required by the country of manufacture and the country of sale. Food Cognizant has established itself as an industry expert, responding to ever-changing situations and new regulations, ensuring that all clients are up-to-date and always compliant.

  • Training

Providing food safety training and certification has always been MFX’s strength. Our qualified teams are well equipped to identify, prepare and deliver training programs according to industry requirements. Tailor-made training courses are also developed to suit your business objectives.

  • Audits

Since the establishment of MFX, we have worked closely together to audit some of the most respected organizations in the food industry.

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