Metaworld: This NFT Art Looks Like It Was Pulled from a Feature Film

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A dystopian science fiction exploring the current socio-cultural climate is set to revolutionize the NFT space. Welcome to Metaworld – a multi-faceted Web3 collection that delves into the future of technology in the world of entertainment. This NFT artwork comes straight out of a dystopian vision, yet, the founders aim to create a science fiction that resonates with everyone.

As per experts at Metaworld, the future of moviemaking is decentralized. The fresh canvas of the metaverse allows creators to design the future as they imagine it. At its formative stage, Metaworld offers its community a unique prospect to shape its sci-fi franchise’s direction besides owning digital rights to its IP. The developers take creativity to the next level as the sci-fi artwork thrives on open storytelling and propels on the community’s ideas.

Metaworld is set in the land of assorted geographical regions – planet Neso. The NFT art has six factions competing for survival. Each species has its own traits that leave the audience speculating about what lies ahead. The perilous Volcano Badlands are inhabited by Feeder hives, while humans colonize the Ancient Boreal Forest, drawing parallels with Earth. The most desolate region on Neso is the Golden Desert, which extends seclusion to the childlike Ascarians. The Exotic Rainforest is home to the bioengineered female warrior race – Mactans.

Metaworld also boasts of a Frozen Tundra region where only Fleshtech Corp can dwell and survive. Lastly, the Sky islands attract Axions to set up the House of Orion. The characters and plots would make one wonder if this artwork were pulled from a feature film.

Metaworld is creating a truly immersive experience in the entertainment business with its NFT artwork. These dynamic collectibles aim to make entertainment limitless and are not exclusive to just movies. Metaworld will expand from movies to video games and other mediums of entertainment.

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