Men’s Rights are Human Rights Too: A manifesto: Launched Worldwide on Amazon

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The Men’s Rights Manifesto of falls under the premise of equal justice for all, men and women alike, but in which case it is necessary to acknowledge men separately from women due to men being exempt from consideration in acquiring an equal status to women or even considered at all except per negative acknowledgment. This includes blame and rights taken from men. Men’s differences from women must weigh-in per an equal compromise rather than used to place women above men. Both feminists and traditionalists/chivalrists fail to provide any distinction in support or consideration of men due to extreme female bias and male hatred (misandry), with both (one old, one new) factions being a mere continuance of the past catering to women and demeaning men as disposable pawns for women.

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Two authors from USA and India respectively have authored a manifesto for men’s rights available for just ₹213 on kindle.
This manifesto is a comprehensive work which covers diverse segments of men who are mostly overlooked and deprived justice by Government, Law and Society. These segments include – single men forced to marry, married men undergoing separation, separated men denied child rights, adult men across age groups and family members of men in general.
The authors are open to granting Men Rights Association and other individuals the rights to pick up sections or copy sections relevant to them from the manifesto with “Proper Credits”. This manifesto can be easily adapted for use in most countries as men are mostly deprived of basic legal rights in most countries across the globe.
This manifesto is also available in paperback for $5.38 from Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing Supported Countries and paperback of India costs ₹350.

About the Authors:

Vivek Singh is the owner and publisher of and a journalist.
He is a Men’s Rights Activist, International Men’s Day and World Day of the Boy Child India coordinator and global media coordinator for both of these days.

Alan Millard continues to be a prominent men’s equality advocate since the early ’80s. He has taught as a university professor, headed the group Men and Fathers 4 Justice, incorporated his experience, knowledge and research into his doctoral studies and written many articles for the cause. He is also the author of three books addressing men’s equality concerns. A Flaw from Within is his latest. All are available through Amazon. is an unbiased, politically incorrect news website which covers news on MRA and Conspiracy theories too.

Acknowledgements remembers and acknowledges Sam who was one of the core members of He is no more with us but he will be living in our hearts forever.

Few excerpts

Many reap the benefits of men and their masculine attributes but condemn masculinity without due credit for the good that men have accomplished. For every male criminal there are thousands of male heroes. -Vivek Singh

Today I coined the term, “BOWRY”. By BOWRY I mean the BOY’S own. That is the boy’s and his ancestral properties which a girl and her father see in the boy before the girl’s marriage to the boy. -Vivek Singh

Due to manhood being defined by servitude to women (A Flaw From Within), some men (along with many selfish women) with a very limited mental capacity, still try to uphold the misandry with which they have been indoctrinated from boyhood. If they don’t support feminism, men support chivalry and placing women above themselves (e.g., on a pedestal). They know of no terms for their existence other than a scripted servitude to women, whether it be per modern or traditional misandry (feminism or chivalry). -Alan Millard

The common denominator isn’t always evident but is necessary for breaking down and figuring out an equation. Labor is a commodity that has been used to build society. It’s the most costly of all expenses in business. When labor is cheap profits soar. Slavery is an example of this lucrative arrangement but of human ownership and exploitation per unethical capitalistic gains. The human element is exempt from the equation of fatherhood too. -Alan Millard


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