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Meet Unick Sonu imprinting his name in the elite list of online Entrepreneurs of India.

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In the current scenario, the demand for Digital Marketing is increasing at the speed of the light. More and more brands are shifting their work online. Earlier, the internet was used only to socialize and upload photos. Internet is now becoming a monetary platform for many people with these changing times. Due to this, new jobs came into existence, making the best use of the Internet especially social media platforms. Digital Marketer and influencer Unick Sonu have carved his name as a high-end Entrepreneur.

Unick Sonu helps entrepreneurs, Influencers, and business owners in Personal & Business branding to scale their business by building their brand awareness over the virtual world. Unick Sonu is passionate about his profession and thus he drives himself to pursue his ideas and his discipline fuels his day-to-day success.
He belongs to the small village of Mahendergarh (Haryana). He is passionate about travel, technology, fashion and, food. Sonu Sharma believes in learning from researching his peers and the persons he looks up to. He is just 23 and Unick Sonu feels that he is just getting started. There are many more ventures in the works and he wants to achieve more and also be an inspiration for the upcoming generation. Mr. Sonu feels motivated by family, friends, and colleagues.
All due to hardship and struggle, he now earns from anywhere in the world, even while he sleeps, from the comfort of his own home. He knows very well how to take on the problems of life and keep continuing to succeed. Such true entrepreneurs like Unick Sonu believes to discuss solutions instead of problems. He has embraced the new style of conducting business, with his outside-the-box decisions. We get to learn a lot of things from Unick Sonu and wish him all the best for his future.


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