Meet Palan : A Rajkot Based Entrepreneur With a Difference.

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Meet Palan

There are very less examples in the business world who want to contribute as well in the place where they live. We see corporates engaged in CSR activities by allocating funds for different social and charity work, but barely can see an example of any local businessman who is keen on contributing in the social field with any noble cause. One such example is of Meet Palan, a young businessman from Rajkot. He is a lawyer by education and has a good business.  

Being a part of his family business – Meet Stores with his father, he also developed a good buzz around him and his place by his contribution in making his city clean and green. He along with his friend initiated a venture to make his city Rajkot clean seeking the help of local people. His social venture was called Swach Rajkotand Chitranagri. These are two initiatives which help him to keep his city clean and green.  

He is a man of principles and feels that the place where we live also has rights on us. Hence feeling his responsibility, he embarked with this initiative to make his place safe and clean. He was able to convince many groups and youth to follow his footstep so as to make his city clean and a model before everyone who claims to love their place. This makes this  young man different from others and he is able to bring the change he always wanted to see in his place.  


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