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Meet Owner of Srg groups and B4u companies Saif Ur Rehman Khan Niazi

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Meet Business Tycoon Saif Ur Rehman Khan Niazi born in November 5, 1968.. Saif Ur Rehman Khan Niazi is a Pakistani business tycoon who is the founder of SRG Group and B4u companies, the largest Network Marketing company in Pakistan and in Asia.

A Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, He has a name in the Network Market Field, Anybody Who is in the field of Net Marketing must know the name of Saif ur Rehman Khan Niazi, with Motivates people in his business seminar, Youtube videos and looking at life from a different angle is unique

For the last many years he has inspired millions of people who want to become successful in their life. In the field of real Network marketing, Everywhere he gave a new process of thinking currently, Saif Ur Rehman Khan Niazi is regarded as Pakistan’s best Network marketer. Over Millions Of people have been inspired by his knowledge full speeches, workshops, and motivational seminars. Etc, Mr. Saif has been consistently achieving new targeting milestones in the field of Network Marketing inspirational coaching motivational skill-building.

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