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Meet Nguyễn Hoài Thanh: Founder and CEO of Metaconex and Successful Entrepreneur

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Nguyễn Hoài Thanh

Nguyễn Hoài Thanh is the founder and CEO of Metaconex. Before graduating from the Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering, he successfully started a business with Adsconex, which is the forerunner of Metaconex.
He is known as a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist. Nguyen Hoai Thanh is considered one of the remarkable successful young entrepreneurs of Vietnam.
Quang Tri province is where he was born and raised, and he lives with his mother and sister. Nguyen Hoai Thanh always has had outstanding achievements during his time studying in the locality. Growing up in difficult economic conditions, Nguyen Hoai Thanh always did everything on his own to achieve good results, including financial problems for himself during his time as a high school student. Therefore, he has acquired many skills for his start-up and later success.

The family’s economic situation is difficult, so he did not have many conditions to study. In 2013, Nguyen Hoai Thanh has passed the Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering majoring in civil engineering. He has found that information technology is a great thing since 2014. It’s something he wants to pursue and learn. During this time, he learned more about web technology while he was studying at the Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering. To cover living and study expenses, Nguyen Hoai Thanh has started the process of starting a business with small projects for customers and earning a lot of profit from communication and web technology development. After graduating from the Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering, Nguyen Hoai Thanh continues to pursue his passion for technology. He developed website platforms and online advertising platforms. Bringing many great technology products to support users around the world. He has contributed a lot to the community from technology products provided by technology company Metaconex and free to use across platforms.

Among them are free website platforms, free templates, and free online ad creation tools on Metaconex partner websites. Start from scratch. Understanding the difficulties of young people who are passionate about technology, wanting to start a business or make money but capital does not allow. This motivated him to create more motivation for himself to contribute to the community. In addition to the digital technology platforms that technology company Metaconex provides for users to use for free. Many communication campaigns and training activities in the field of communication were also shared by Nguyen Hoai Thanh. Along with many charitable activities in the local and difficult areas, Nguyen Hoai Thanh is also mentioned as a successful young businessman and dedicated philanthropist. In 2020, Nguyen Hoai Thanh gets married and starts married life with his wife Cao Thi Bich Thinh

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