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Meet Mickael Daussy, leading entrepreneur and trading guru

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“There is only one way to learn, and it’s through doing” says Daussy – the young and dynamic entrepreneur, the big-name in the trading industry, the founder and CEO of MKD School, where he provides training programs to orient people who want to reach a desired level of accomplishment in the trading industry.

Daussy’s name, in the financial and trading market, is now turning synonyms to the word ‘victory’. Only through his hard work and dedication this young lad has set example in trading industry. When it comes to trading and the financial industry as a whole, those desired opportunities rarely pop up and one has to be endowed with decision-making skills and dedication to grab the best of the opportunities.

On such pretext has this talented mind, who at the very young age of 25, constructed his own school of trading, which lately has turned into a successful platform in redefining people’s lives through his innovative insights about trading and has proven to be metamorphic for thousands of people so far.

Not only the MKD founder but Daussy is appearing to be a motivational and inspirational figure today who’s insights has been a goad to people around the globe to follow his tips and thrive in the trading industry.

Daussy’s company hangs together with its clients to help them in taking their trading to an expert and successful level. This young entrepreneur from France has been in the trading field for the past six to seven years, starting at an early age, he showed his skills pretty early in trading.

Mickael has said to be struggled a lot to reach such lofty heights in the trading world. His growth in this field, his enthusiasm have won him a special place in the trading industry and that is what has inspired others to join his school even in these toughest times of pandemic.

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