Meet Krakens Collection: Offering Collectors What They Want By Keeping Customer Service

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The Focus Of All They Do

How Krakens Collection Grows Their Business By Listening To Their Community Of Collectors

Everyone at Krakens Collection knows the thrill of collecting. From finally pulling the trigger on an item you’ve been eyeing for a while, to getting a unique pull in a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, collecting is more than an accumulation of stuff. It’s a community. It brings people together over a shared interest, and that passion fuels Krakens Collection at its very core.

“It can be hard to find the middle ground between a ‘mom & pop’ shop and a major retailer. There tends to be this stigma that a decline in customer service is evident with an increase in sales, and we are here to mend that middle ground.”

As a major online toy retailer, Krakens Collection sells everything from collectible toys, pins and vinyl figures, to FUNKO and FiGPiN. While toy collectibles may be what they do, customers are at the heart of it all. The vast majority of the collectibles industry is based on pre-orders, so product delays, damaged shipments and poor communication with customers can stunt your growth. This is why Krakens Collection makes communicating with their customers a top priority. Even during a week of processing over 20,000 units, they always respond to everyone on social media as they stay committed to keeping a tight-knit relationship with both clients and the industry.

As a newcomer in the industry, Krakens Collection knew they had to find their niche. Since people are creatures of habit, they had to give clients a reason to make the switch. For Krakens Collection, this starts with their unparalleled customer focus. Then, when they moved their operation from Miami, FL to Everett, WA they hit an unexpected snag. The lease on their new facility fell through upon arrival. However, after they experienced the most stressful two weeks of their lives, they found an even better warehouse. But the move allowed them to be door to door with Funko, avoid shipping delays, shipping damage, and shipping fees. This gave them a great competitive edge.

“Our business was founded in the belief that if you listen to your customers, they will tell you everything you need to know to prosper…Your customers will tell you exactly what they want, through their buying habits, or blatantly in your Instagram comments. Keep a very close watch on what your clientele is demanding of you and make sure to cater to exactly that.”

Krakens Collection’s has a desire to solidify themselves as a household name, becoming the top destination for toys and collectibles. For them, the ultimate freedom comes in being able to think and create without financial burden, or worrying about how it will affect quality of life. They know there are obstacles to overcome in the business, but through repetition, and by listening to their customers, they will grow.

What’s next for Krakens Collection? They are working on an array of exclusive products with some smaller brands, as well as working with some larger companies. You can follow Krakens Collection on Instagram @krakenscollection.


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