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ol, many students bullied him that made him feel bad and helpless. They also coerced him about not keeping up with the latest fashion trends. But he didn’t let these negative comments influence his thoughts.
The American fitness trainer and actor didn’t think about competing with others. Instead, he challenged himself in 10 years of progress that landed him to become the personality he is today. With all the bullying and bad experiences in his mind, he pushed himself to go to the gym and sweat it out all his frustration. And this quadrupled his confidence and faith in himself.
At the age of 19, he started doing modeling and called one of his photographer friends along with a camera. And that started the journey of becoming a fitness influencer on the internet. Apart from being an Instagram personality, he plans to grow his follower base on YouTube as well.
Slowly and gradually, he worked on his body and mind to turn himself into a reputed trainer and influencer.

Hundreds and thousands of fitness enthusiasts all over the world follow him online and keep an eye on his Instagram profile to get inspired.
Much of his current physique and body has been built by regular exercise and in combination with practicing a healthy diet. He made sure that he consumes an ample amount of nutrition throughout his day to maintain and improve overall immunity and stamina. Devan Christopher Anderson inherited many traits of his body through his mother.
As he has a great physique and cutting-edge body, Devan Christopher Anderson started receiving messages from girls asking him to become their boyfriends. He is quite popular among female and male fitness enthusiasts all over the world.
He regularly posts on Instagram and stays active on the platform for his fans. Through his amazing body pics and stories, he has garnered more than 65k followers. As mentioned above, he is now an emerging social media influence.

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