Meet a young entrepreneur Bivek Kumar who make a revolution in Digital Sector with Minnions Tech

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The world is changing rapidly in a digital form. In other words, it is shifting from offline mode to online. Due to Covid situations are completely changed, and the necessity of digital services is now our primary need. On the one hand, during Covid, we faced a financial crisis, and it destroyed some startups of pre-setup business; on the other hand, we got some extraordinary young entrepreneurs too. Mostly we got young entrepreneurs who took pandemic as an opportunity and faced this worst situation and struggled themselves. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur from Banglore, India, named Bivek Kumar, did massive work and contributed to this digital revolution.
Bivek Kumar (Born 02/05/1993) is from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand and has done his B-Tech from NIT Jalandhar and M-Tech from Vinayak Mission University. It’s quite interesting about him that he is an engineer but stable himself as an entrepreneur. In 2017 he founded a startup named Minnions tech, a brand in the digital sector. It was completely unexpected for Bivek that this startup would become a leading startup in its sector in this short period. In 2017, people were not aware of digital setups, but Bivek visualized the scope of this sector and started Minnions Tech. His predictions and efforts worked accordingly within these four years, and now his name is also a brand. Bivek said that too many digital agencies are working currently, but we are a little different because of our services and clients. We believe in professional ethics with personal relations, and Minnions Tech is working positively towards its goal. We work in Social Media Marketing, Influencers Marketing, Google Ads, Lead Generation, and Online Reputation management. Till today we have more than 50,000 clients. Also, we have some sub-branches of Minnions Tech like: Minnions Host, Minnions Fame, Minnions Chat, Minnions Automation, Tee Trees and Minnions Tech ,
Along with being the founder of Minnions Tech, Bivek contributed as General Secretary of North Region in the Election Commission of India. For his splendid contribution to a fair election in Bihar, he got awarded by the Government of India with Gold Medal.
Bivek Kumar said that it’s quite easy to start a journey, but it’s difficult to sustain it to reach its destination. I am not a destination, but I know now Minnions Tech is on its path to success. The pandemic was a challenge for us, but at that time, our creativity, self-confidence and support played a crucial role in our sustainability. Our success is not only the result of our hard works, but it’s the result of our professional clients who continuously support us in every situation.
“We are now planning out some new services for our clients, and we are now focused on doing our best at affordable costs. Digital media is a way which can create a pick for any clients within a night also it can affect a business or individuals too, so it is a mandatory element of life nowadays,” Bivek Kumar the founder of Minnions Tech added.
People can easily join Mr. Bivek Kumar through Instagram through his user name @hellobivek.

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