Marshall Mosher’s Inside the Adventure ranks in one of the top-ranked Adventure and Travel Podcasts

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Everyone dreams of having the unlimited potential to achieve their dreams, personally and professionally. But, only a few have the courage and drive to embrace a lifestyle that maximizes their ability to conquer challenges and reach success. One such personality is the founder of virtual-reality platform Vestigo and podcaster Marshall Mosher. Here, he discusses his passion for life, philanthropy, and notable achievements.

Mosher is the voice behind the popular podcast Inside the Adventure. This exciting venture has been making headlines for its unique approach to promote a mindset shift for listeners. Ranked in the top three in the adventure and travel niche, the podcast explores and encourages innovation and high performance through action and adventure sports.

His company, Vestigo, is a one-of-a-kind initiative that allows teams to interact and participate in VR technology–enabling powerful adventure challenges in a remote setting. “Through such remote interactions, we’ve helped many people overcome their COVID-induced loneliness and bond with their teams globally,” Mosher adds.

Also, Mosher is passionate about giving back to the community and has organized the world record-setting initiative Piggyback Adventures on the AT that has impacted many lives around the globe.

Mosher’s list of accolades when it comes to adventure sports is truly admirable. As an avid action-sport poly athlete, Mosher is a Jet Suit Pilot for the US team at Gravity Industries, a paraglider pilot, mountain biker, scuba diver, a Class-V whitewater paddler, snowboarder, kiteboarder, mountain biker, climber, and caver.

He also regularly shares his latest adventure updates through his Instagram and TikTok social media handles. “Through adventure, people step out of their comfort zones and understand their own potential.” Mosher concludes.

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