Mark Hull Sheds Light On The Pros and Cons of Going Solo

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In today’s era, every business is on the hunt for a unique brand persona that offers an advantage over its competitors. Personal branding helps your business find an identity that existing and potential clients can relate to on a more personal level. This, in turn, allows your business to establish stronger, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial bonds with its clientele. 

Mark Hull, founder and sole partner of The Hull Firm, is the face of his business. Mark knows all about the importance of personal branding for standing out in the business world, irrespective of your niche. Unmistakably the driving force of his criminal defense law firm, attorney Mark Hull has agreed to share some of his branding wisdom with us. Here, he explains how a successful personal branding campaign can secure your business a unique identity and drive it towards success.   

A face helps your business stand apart from the crowd. 

As the face behind one of the most renowned criminal defense law firms in Texas, Mark Hull credits one of his friends for the original idea of his successful personal branding campaigns. He says that his real growth began when he followed the advice of his friend, a global media entrepreneur, of “becoming his own brand”, putting his face on the firm, and making himself available and visible to clients. “Putting a face behind your brand helps you immensely in differentiating yourself and standing out from the crowd,” Hull says.  

It builds customer loyalty and trust. 

Businesses are built by people, to provide a product or service to other people. And a human being will always find it easier to trust another, instead of developing trust towards a faceless entity. “Put a face to any advertising or marketing campaign, and clients will find it easier to show their trust,” explains Mark Hull. “And when a customer’s experience with a business justifies this trust, loyalty follows.”  

It creates a strong digital presence. 

“In the age of the internet, your business needs all the digital mileage it can get. A well-directed personal branding campaign helps you achieve this goal quickly and more comprehensively,” says Mark Hull. When we think of The Hull Firm, we unmistakably think of Mark. We know that no matter who we interact with from Mark’s firm, they too will deliver what Mark promises, the best results attainable. Thus, personal branding helps enhance the digital identity of your company as an extension of your own.  

Besides helping him carve his place amongst the Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys on The National Trial Lawyers’ list, alongside a string of other awards such as the Top Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year USA and #1 Criminal Defense Law Firm, Mark Hull’s branding prowess has helped him to catapult his firm to the top.  

Here’s to hoping you put these tried and tested mantras to work and drive your business towards success and recognition through an impactful personal branding campaign. 

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