Making its name prominent as a sought-after Indian jewellery brand is Parakkat Jewels.

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Parakkat Jewels are known for being the world’s first-ever to offer 24-carat gold layered ornaments.


To have the vision to achieve a goal is one thing; to try and make efforts towards it is another thing, but to go all out and to grind each day to make every possible effort to turn those visions into reality is a different thing altogether. Belonging to the latter category is essential as that is how brands and businesses go ahead in touching the skies in their respective industries. This is definitely easier said than done, but a few brands like Parakkat Jewels have done even that and proved their “mettle” to the world by giving the highest-quality products and jewellery, offering people the most mesmerizing jewellery-wearing experiences.

Wondering what is Parakkat Jewels all about? Well, it has grown as the #1 in the world for offering 24-carat gold layered ornaments. The brand was first initiated in the year 1990 as a physical showroom based in Kalady in Ernakulam district, and since then, Parakkat Jewels has expanded with 40 showrooms and is now an incredible and easy to access online store as well, which has further gained it recognition and momentum in the ever-so-competitive jewellery markets. The foundation was put by Prakash Parakkat, the brain behind Parakkat Jewels, and has since been managed by his wife Preethi Parakkat as well. Not just that, their son Abhishek Parakkat, who is already a rising entrepreneur, makes sure to grow the brand through his skills in business, marketing, and management, and Binu Parakkat manages the international business and purchases. Together this family has drawn extraordinary success for their family brand and brought Parakkat Jewels astounding success levels over the years, which has today earned the brand lakhs of loyal and happy customers.

From bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and rings for women to bracelets for men and much more, Parakkat Jewels has truly come a long way in the industry. It was a pioneer brand that carried forward its priceless legacy in one gram gold jewellery. It is known for developing the purest gold layered ornaments with a 100% guarantee. Also, its extensive collection offer gold layering and silver coating, embellished with a diamond finish on start cut American diamond, ruby, emerald, and other varieties of jewellery. It has become a pro at custom jewellery and has offered the best of products to its customers, offering affordability as well.

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