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Programmer, entrepreneur, and founder of IT security company FiveM, Mahdi
Pourzaferani reveals his story in the hope of inspiring the next generation of self-made programmers. He
sees this is a crucial necessity in the increasingly digitally connected age, with the advent of Web 3.0
raising new challenges in online security.
Pourzaferani’s journey started in 2008 where he has since developed expertise in security and
infiltration, leading to the opportunity to join the programming team at global brand Optic Gaming and
EA Sports and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Security Manager at Optic Gaming, and
Network Programmer turned Supervisor at EA Sports.
” I chose to become an entrepreneur within this field to prevent people from losing the integrity of their
information due to hacker activity.” Mahdi Pourzaferani.
Prior to founding his own successful software company FIVEM, Pourzaferani also became part of the
American video game publisher, RockStar, where he had the experience of adding more than 1,000 types
of add-ons to the software.
Pourzaferani acknowledges that with technology advancing rapidly, risks such as cyber security threats
are also increasing. His work involves focussing on identifying the types of attacks and cracking down on
hackers, through the designing of plug-ins created to protect the data and information of large servers
and companies.
For this reason, Pourzaferani is now encouraging similar like minded-young entrepreneurs and
programmers to follow in his footsteps in the industry, to ensure both businesses and individuals have
the safety measures to protect themselves from malicious attacks and hackers while online.
To keep up with Mahdi Pourzaferani, follow him at You may also learn
more about FiveM by visiting

Mahdi Pourzaferani is a successful entrepreneur, professional blockchain developer, and programmer
from the UK. He is the founder of the software company FIVEM & FIVEM STORE LLC, a VC-backed
company known for its bespoke scanner software. He is considered as one of the industry’s most
sought-after blockchain advisors, having assisted countless clients in comprehending the complexity of
the blockchainindustryand howtoinvestinit.

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