Maharashtra-based Startup Renovatio Group wants to provide an application for business owners to reach out to their customers with one click

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Being an entrepreneur, Gaurav wants to enter all possible sectors and create as much employment as possible.

New Delhi, xx. Jun.2021: India is house to many prominent industries which are booming with business. Every business has something unique to showcase and requires hard work and determination in the initial stages. In this competitive market, it’s not only the race of the fittest but also the knowledgeable and creative ones. Renovatio Group of Pune, Maharashtra has made quite a mark on several industries today. The strength and success depends on great ideas of the people behind it. One such person who has a very indifferent perspective towards life is Gaurav Bachhao Patil

Born in Jalgaon to a middle class Maharashtrian family, Gaurav had the privilege of living in different parts of Maharashtra. He further went on to pursue his education in pune and settle there. Throughout his life he always dreamt of setting up his own business. This dream gave birth to Renovatio Group. Gaurav’s enthusiasm towards his profession has helped many startups and young minds in Business Development.

Budding entrepreneurs in India are never shy of business thoughts but, they regularly lack the capital required to start their own company. It is relevant for entrepreneurs to deploy innovation to deal with basic errands, for example: group communication, enterprise security, planning and management. Entrepreneurs always have ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, and they keep on finding ways to implement those ideas into a successful venture. Gaurav has also been awarded as the Best Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Singhad Law College, Pune.

Renovatio Group comprises of several companies, mainly Renovatio Traders Pvt Ltd, Renovatio Foods & Beverages LLP, and Renovatio Marketing. Modern organizations depend on different advances to keep their organizations ready for action. Today, most of them need a web association and different applications and programming to assist their staff with completing things.

From the outset, every one of the various advancements you use may appear to be irrelevant to each other — all things considered, the software your accounting division utilizes is not quite the same as what your research and development have. Be that as it may, all the innovation in your organization fills a similar need: to assist you with accomplishing your goals. Renovatio Marketing has also been working on an application for business owners so that they keep their customers updated through social media. This application is being used by cafes, restaurants, gyms and clubs to reach out to their customers in one click.

Renovatio Traders are now looking forward to business expansion in fields such Pharma, FMCG and cosmetics. India has a huge market for cosmetics, and it’s getting better day by day. Thus looking at the upcoming market Renovatio Group looking forward to manufacture cosmetic products. Within a short time, Renovatio Group has expanded in several businesses and will bring new creative ideas soon.

With growing technology, the need for these kinds of integrated businesses is becoming very necessary. Thus so many groups and different integrated businesses under one roof are helping  to reach a large audience. We were astonished to find out that Renovatio Foods & Beverages  LLP, has become a super stocker and manufacturer of FMCG products of Maharashtra. One of the grand achievements of Renovatio Group is that it has been nominated for India’s Top 500 startups. Every entrepreneur is unique in their way, but what makes Gaurav unique is his thought and perspective on humanitarian grounds. As a director, Gaurav wants to enter and explore all possible sectors of business and generate as much employment as possible.

Renovatio Group has helped the business to stay strong amongst the sturdy competition in the market. Fitness Industry has gained tremendous significance in the years to come. Thus, it is an add-on that Gaurav is involved in activities related to Fitness Industry. He has also represented India in Dallas, Texas (USA) for, Golds Gym Convention and has featured in different newspapers since then. Thus Renovatio Group is expanding and is trying to be a one-stop solution in every sector. Renovatio would soon be one of the best groups of companies, where major scale employment would take place along with new advancements, and helping it to stand tall and make a place in the hearts of people and a staunch place in the Indian Economy.


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