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Indian culture is one of the most ancient cultures present in the world. The country is quite diverse and is home to several communities, each of which has its own culture and traditions. It is this combination of various splendid cultures that make India one of a kind. The Indian cultural diversity is what makes India unique and beautiful. 

Magic of India: Celebrating Cultural Diversity 

A staggering diversity where ethnicity, culture, religion, and language come together in a dazzling kaleidoscope of humanity. In India, there is incredible cultural diversity throughout the country. The North, South, East, and West have distinct cultures, and almost every state has carved its cultural niche. 

If you are an Indian or a foreigner travelling across India, you must take note of certain things. However, respecting the cultural preferences of any destination you are visiting is the right thing to do. This book takes you on a magical journey of celebrating the vibrant cultural diversity of India. The book shares insights into INDIAN ETIQUETTE: A Glimpse into India’s Culture and throws light on the culture, customs, language, society, manners, etiquette, and values – all helping you understand the people and the vibrant country of India! 

Indian Etiquette: A Glimpse into India’s Culture is an excellent read to familiarize yourself with some cultural norms in India. Whether you are visiting the different cities of India, exploring India’s mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, and deserts shall awe you with their natural splendour, discovering the luxury of the places, monuments, forts, celebrating the vibrant festivals, exploring the calmness of yoga ashrams to spas and wellness centres, visiting India to learn about spirituality, immersing yourself in the adventure activities or visiting India to experience Indian Safaris you are bound to interact with locals often. You’ll also likely take some of your free time to venture off the beaten path and explore like a local. Let us celebrate the MAGIC OF INDIA! 

Welcome to our helpful guide for India. Should you be looking to travel, live, relocate or do business in the sovereign state, we will give you a valuable head start on understanding the country and its culture, practices, and etiquette in India. 


Niraalee Shah is the author of the book INDIAN ETIQUETTE – A Glimpse into India’s Culture. 

Niraalee Shah is the Business Mint NATIONWIDE AWARDS 

40 under 40 PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR 2021, Global Triumph Foundation Women Start-up Award 2021, and Entrepreneurs of India Best Female Award 2020. 

Niraalee Shah’s love for India and the burning desire to create Skill India and Brand India empowered her to write this book. She says, “Should you be looking to travel, live, relocate or do business in the sovereign state, we will give you a helpful head start on understanding the country and its culture, practices, and etiquette in India.” 

Who is this book for? 

This book is for each of you who would like to experience The Magic of India–Celebrating Cultural Diversity. A vast nation of multiple cultures and traditions, the guidelines of etiquette vary across states and religions. 

Find all you need to know about India’s different states, traditions, cultures, and etiquette guidelines within these pages. You may find yourself looking at the country with a new perspective and a strong will to explore its depths soon. 



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