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In recent times, blogging has been stealing the spotlight among all the virtually based professions. Irrespective of your age, blogging can appear as a blessing in disguise. It has emerged magically as a source of passive income in recent times. But, the right strategy is the only exclusivity that will make your blogs stand out. In fact, blogging is a way of transforming your passion to passive income. No worries if you are not sure about how to productively proceed with the right strategy. Keshav Krishnan can pave the way to your passive and consistent income through blogging. 

Working on Niche Sites for the last three years, Keshav is a Darbhanga, Bihar-based 29-year-old blogger. He is a Digital Marketer and Niche Site Affiliate Marketer with a sizable portfolio of websites where he creates content to raise awareness of services and goods. He is also the founder of Niche Ride, a resource library of valuable information about how you too can earn passive income through blogging. Keshav is well-known for his expertise in blogging for passive income, and he frequently speaks at extensive events on how he was able to build a portfolio of Niche Sites.

Keshav came from a lower-middle-class background where no one expected much of him. Everyone who knew him assumed he would spend the rest of his life doing nothing. However, he turned out to be a ground-breaking millennial entrepreneur. He did not let the barriers of society and stereotypes stop him from excelling with flying colours. Dedication, hard work, and most importantly consistency made him stand out from the common crowd. And, today he goes marching ahead with a successful resource library, Niche Ride.

Primary Reason for Blog Failure in India and Abroad

According to Keshav Krishnan, lack of patience and persistence are the most common reasons for a blog’s failure. He thinks people are always looking for quick money on the internet. In turn, this is where the majority of people fail. Mr. Krishnan founded Niche Ride to show individuals that starting a business online is the same as starting a business offline and that earning a reasonable living from blogging requires hard effort.

The Prompting Mantra to Ensure Proficiency, Expertise, and Prowess

When asked about a quote of catchword for young bloggers, Keshav shares the following one by Martin Luther King Jr.: 

“ If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then, crawl. But, whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” 

It is all about keeping the flow. Consistency and persistence are the primary disciplines of Keshav’s life. Irrespective of his abilities and circumstances, nothing stops him from being dedicated to his work. That is what makes his work feel like a passion and not just a mere fashion. 

Unleashing the Accomplishments of Keshav Krishnan

Everyone has a number of dreams that they hope to see realized, however not everyone’s wishes come true. Keshav Krishnan is one of those persons who, despite all odds, has begun to accomplish and realize all of his aspirations one by one. Perseverance, persistence, and patience are three of his best assets. Keshav believes in never giving up, whether it’s pursuing your aspirations or dealing with difficult situations. He was coached and trained by SEO Professionals from all around the world on SEO, Facebook Ads, Lead Generation, SEO Management, SEO Copywriting, SEO Blog Posts, SEO Articles, and many other SEO Tools. He not only utilizes SEO but LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other platforms to gain more traffic and leads. His range of expertise is extensive. Niche Site, SEO, SEO Copywriting, SEO Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Google, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Press Releases, Online Advertising, Email List Building, Keyword Research, Organic Reach, Conversion Optimization are his areas of command.

Keshav Krishnan is a true inspiration to us all. His perseverance, proficiency, hard working attribute, dedication, and self-motivation are truly inspiring. He is a thinker who makes the best possible use of his resources. His channel will assist anyone interested in learning how to earn passive income through blogging. He fought, just like you, to develop a profitable blog. He now has a portfolio of websites that generate thousands of dollars per month.

Keshav’s website, youtube channel, and other social media handle also guide the budding bloggers and enlighten the ignition of a new enterprise full of ecstasy and triumph. Right from the ways of using internal linking for massively boosting your SEO, pageViews, and income to the best keyword strategy for your niche sites, he has everything to offer and in store for you. Grab a chance to make yourself a renowned blogger to monetize your works at the highest level. Visit the website (Niche Ride) of Keshav Krishnan at

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