Luca Rubino’s innovations in the automotive and the tech world as an entrepreneur garners him massive headlines.

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As one of the head honchos of Kiri Technologies, Luca Rubino has encouraged people to take the right step forward in sustainability.

Isn’t it incredible to know about all those people who, in ways, more than one, make sure to go beyond boundaries and create something unique for the people they serve? Well, the world overflows with many such talented beings, but a few rare gems make all the difference there is in industries and fields today. Topping the list of one such rare gem in the world of business is a youngster named Luca Rubino, the Italian guy who has now made his name prominent across the entrepreneurial world.

Wondering who Luca Rubino really is? Well, he was born on 25th August 1992 in Palermo, Italy, and from a very young age had big dreams in his eyes to create financial freedom for himself. He came from humble family background and had many challenges on his path, which made him realize the importance of building a successful career. From starting work at the age of 13 at a local mechanic shop, honing his skills in Football, moving to Milan to play Italy’s first league, getting granted a student-athlete scholarship at the University of Stirling, UK, for his sporting talent, to gaining a degree in Scotland, moving to San Francisco, while winning two football championships and then starting his first startup at the age of 19 named Sweet Sicily, an export-import food and wine company, Luca Rubino came a long way.

After winning awards and scholarships, when he moved to San Francisco, he obtained a Master of Science degree in International Business at Hult International Business School. Over the last few years, this young man started three startups in the import-export, entertainment, and fashion industries and now has come up with his latest startup Kiri Technologies, in the UK, with co-founders Mauro di Benedetto CEO, Kai Schildhauer COO, and himself as the CMO. It is all about encouraging and incentivizing sustainable actions by rewarding customers with the platform’s marketplace currency Kiricoins. Its current signed evaluation is $40 million, and it is quickly scaling within different verticals: Oil & Energy, Aviation, Grocery, Automotive, and Transportation.

He even had served as the Strategic Advisor to the CEO at Automobili Pininfarina, a luxury electric vehicles manufacturer, till April 2020, where he advised the management team on digital marketing, e-commerce, online sales, management of special projects like social growth, influencers strategy, gaming, luxury partnerships, and events. However, now as the Co-founder and CMO of Kiri Technologies, he has brought massive development and growth to the Green Tech startup, which will soon see a Seed Round at a multi-million-dollar valuation.

Luca Rubino believes that his greatest skill set is helping businesses grow strategically. Apart from doing business, he loves travelling with his fiance, doing outdoor sports, and enjoying nature. In the past few years, he has visited several countries, expanded his network globally, and also gained several cross-cultural skills, which have helped him turn into an exceptional business personality. He considers Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Enzo Ferrari his role models. Also, he is an enthusiast of Ferrari and McLaren and never misses a single Formula 1 race.

Advising other budding talents, he says, “No matter how much money your family has, no matter in which city you were born, if you really want it, you will find a way. Cut out of your life everything that holds you to the ground and any person who tells you that you can’t do something, even your own family if necessary. You’re the only one who can fully understand your vision. Prove everyone wrong, don’t crave attention, and speak with your mind and heart, not your ego.”

Do find out more about him through Instagram @rubikingdom.


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