Librari APP – Subscription Thus starts at a price less than an Ice Cream

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3-Minute Video Learning APP starts subscription at Rs. 50/- Per Month

18th May, 2022: Bangalore based Librari APP which is considered among the promising EDTECH Apps of the year 2022 has today announced their Subscription Feature.

Launched in the presence of many startup experts and members of NAASCOM 10K Startup Initiatives, the subscription feature was launched by Ms. Kritika M. Director and Mr. Rajeev Koyal, Regional Lead of NAASCOM 10K Startup initiatives.

With a vision to reduce the stress and anxiety levels of students and be a preferred partner for learners and educators, Librari APP is Making Learning Affordable, easy & quick for students, through 3-minute video-based microlearning.

 Rengarajan M, CEO & Co-Founder, Librari quotes, “ Librari app has the potential to be the smart learning alternative for the children of Kindergarten to Grade 12. The APP has already proved to be a buddy app for recap learning to more than 20K students across India.”

“With the Subscription feature, parents and students get an access to exclusive 3-minute content of their class related subjects of that entire academic year and subject related quizzes that helps them solidify their learnings. All of it comes at an highly affordable cost of Rs 50/- per month.” he adds.

Recently, Librari has raised a fund of $90K from angel network to solidify their app experience and student reach.

The APP also offers 3-minute interesting concept videos on extra-curricular, hobbies, and sports activities for children, which is a combination of user-curated and expert-driven.

Probably among the first ed-tech apps, Librari APP enables gamified learning for children to make learning more fun. With Quizzes and learning-based contests, challenges and with Librari coins that can be redeemable to acquire Gen Z’s favorite gadgets in Librari Bazaar section of the app, Librari is the most recommended to have app on the child’s and parents’ phones.

Librari APP has so far acquired an 18000+ student base organically across India on its Android & IOS platforms. The APP currently features 4000+ animated videos from Class I to Class X, covering English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and for Class XI and XII –  Physics, Biology, Chemistry subjects.

Librari APP aims to empower the student community of small towns and cities of India. With such affordable cost, Librari will soon become Study Buddy APP for students learning.

To avail of the subscription feature, Parents and students has to download the app from Google Play Store and APP store and pay through accepted payment gateways to activate their Classroom videos.

About Librari:

A Distraction-Free Micro-Learning Revision Platform focused on academics and extra-curricular for K-12 Students, Librari APP aims to level up a child’s learning experience through 3-minute concept and recap videos on academic and extra-curricular. Librari APP makes learning fun and engaging with Multi-Choice Questions in Videos, Quizzes, and Learning-based contests. Librari APP also offers a gamified learning experience with Leader Boards and Learning Tracker and coins which can be redeemed to acquire a child’s favorite gadgets from Librari Bazaar section in the app.

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