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VitaminG: Gagandeep Siidhu is a Life & Law of attraction Master Coach and also the owner/founder of

He is also a Josh talks speaker with more than 200 + keynote talks across the globe. Gagan explains how the law of attraction and the subconscious mind works and how you can use it to the best of its potential.

He lives his life based on The Law of Attraction principles, and that’s what his teaching and coaching are all about. He desires to inspire a million souls to honour their own values and follow their dreams. To break away from what you are “supposed to do,” tap into what you really want to do and let it flow easily into your experience. 

He has excellent knowledge of human psychology and behaviour with immense interest in working with different people to enhance their life and mindset. 

Gagandeep Siidhu brings a wealth of knowledge of both people & organisational development alongside his expertise in the Law of attraction, CBT & NLP techniques. He is also an author with more than 50+ Blogs. His articles are being published in various newspapers across India, and he has been featured in magazines and online talk shows on Mental Health & LOA.

He has a keen interest and life’s mission to spread positivity and create awareness around the importance of mental well-being in today’s chaotic lifestyle. He conducts 1 on 1 as well as corporate sessions on various topics ranging from Parenting, Lifestyle, Stress Management, Relationships, Leadership, Happiness, Anxiety, and stress management, which helps people develop life skills and enjoy life.

He has a total industry experience of 17 years in the senior leadership role as VP – of Digital Intelligence. He always observed a lot of negativity across all workplaces irrespective of designation, which also impacts our personal lives and health also. While he was coming through his own depression in 2015, he found his IKIGAI (Passion +’Purpose) by helping people find happiness and their true potential. While I also overcame my own depression, finances, and broken relationships, the next step was to save souls and make this planet a better place to work.

He has a huge set of fan base with his Daily dose of positivity – #VitaminG.

He emphasizes that as essential are other vitamins & minerals for our physical well-being, as important as our mental well-being. 


– Counselled more than 1000 personal clients along with 20000 plus clients through group sessions (Webinars on NLP &CBT, LOA, BIg4 MNC’s, Mr & Mrs India Participants, and many more )

-Author/writer with more than 25+ Blogs being featured online and offline media

-Many prestigious awards – Business Excellence, Youth Impact, Emerging Leader in Mental Health, and many more

-Currently conducting Stress management and Youth sessions with leading educational institutions. 

Academics – Certified Life & Business Coach, CBT Practitioner, Master Blackbelt Six Sigma, Design thinking.


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