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In School till 10th I was brilliant and got always rank in the TOP 10 but in 11th & 12th my focus started more towards computer and practical knowledge so I decided to computer engineering.

After completing the 1st year of college, I got a clear idea as what are my capabilities in terms of coding and developing. But, I was curious about learning different languages but my hands of practice were not good enough so I started to search out by applying for job at Rajkot in various IT companies so that I can get an idea as in which field I can be an expert and at that time I worked in 5-6 different companies as a part time trainee and also enrolled in PHP Development Course. As, time passed, I started understanding how the IT company works and how it can be managed so in the ending of 3rd year, I made a goal to start an IT Company

But, the thing was that, I was knowing each and everything about development and workflow but was not knowing how to find clients. So, I researched a lot and then found that it’s the BD people who find Clients for an IT Company. So, I started preparing for the interview for Business Development Executive Job for the campus placement drives and also searched for previous companies which came to my college for the JOB placements and from that whichever company has the most enjoyable and learnable environment that particular company I short listed by myself and started to ask the employees of that company which have been placed earlier

Between that time I got to know that apart from BD, I can Learn WordPress CMS and can created Professional website so I joined the company in Rajkot and got good hands in WordPress and at that time I applied in Ahmedabad based IT Company for the BDE Job and I got selected.

I took a training of around 1 Year as a BD and have done an excellent job in my Ahmedabad based IT Company in terms of the company growth and mine too.

But when I was in Ahmedabad, a new skill strike up in my mind which was of Digital Marketing.

 So, I did a good hands of research on this topic and enrolled in the best institute of Gujarat and every Sunday 6 hours regularly for 6 months I took training from them and mastered this skill.

Apart from this when I was in Ahmedabad I started to take projects for website development, Android App Development and got the proof of benefit that if I will start my company I will succeed and within a span of 1 year I got the knowledge of how to find clients and also learned this Digital Marketing skill and was confident enough to put my dream into actions and after 4 years of continuous hard work and efforts I decided to launch my company #MIRACLE TechnoLabs ?

But suddenly I got a thought that many students like me had a dream to start there IT Company but was lacking in knowledge in coding wise, development wise etc. or are lacking in interviews also. So, I decided to start an IT Company with various Advance Training Courses

 I am very much happy and satisfied with my current status and we are having a great client base from Overseas and in Indian Market also we are capturing some good companies to work with us

Currently we have completed 3 Years of Journey and have team of 25+ people on board and  looking forward to solve many problems and make an aspiring impact in life of other and inspire people to take actions in life and keep moving ahead in the path of success. Instagram:

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