Let’s explore mantra of marketing with marketing mantraa.

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Have you ever wondered why people are so hung up in this world of marketing these days?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. 

Marketing means promoting. It is the most common way of investigating, making, and conveying worth to meet the issues of a target market with regards to labor and products, possibly including determination of an interested audience; choice of specific ascribes or topics to accentuate in publicising. It sure is a big world. Almost everyone is into this business, one way or the other. 

Marketing has always been a very trending topic among young as well as professional businessmen. Marketing Mantra, a trendy firm and also one of the best marketing agencies in Lucknow, is here to help you prepare for your long journey in this rapidly evolving world. They, as a company, believe in increasing the diversity of any business. And thus, to justify it, they are offering services like:-

1) Social Media Marketing: Customers interact with brands through social media. SMM can bring remarkable success to your business.

2) SEO Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is fundamental. Their SEO strategies can grant you a high-ranking placement in search results.

3) Advanced Analytics: This service cover all aspects of web analytics, from initial setup to advanced tracking solutions and custom features.

4) E-mail Marketing: Custom E-mail Marketing services can help you save time and money.

5) Content Strategy: Engage with your audience through great, original content.

and many more

You can visit their website to learn more about their services.

Marketing Mantra comes under one of the most advanced marketing companies in India. It is also clearly the most rapidly growing and best marketing agency in Lucknow. They, as a company, believe in rapid up-gradation and thus use advanced technologies and software to uphold the customer’s request. 

Wandering in any industry without any proper guidance or planning might destroy you from the core. Marketing Mantra can help you grow. Being one of the best marketing agencies in Lucknow and continuously challenging its rivals, they have grown stronger. If you can trust them, then be affirmative that your business will grow stronger with them, and like them.

This company is Founded by Anuj Pradhan, A Young Entrepreneur who Believes in Creating a Space for Himself in the Industry.

Who strive hard to make a difference in the market and come up with innovative yet exceptional ideas to hit the nail hard. One such name is Anuj Pradhan, who has been creating a buzz in the city of nawabs – Lucknow. From a very young age, Anuj took over things independently and started working in various streams of business.

He was also an international-level karate player, along with his entrepreneurial efforts. He started his own edu-tech company, Studyfication, at the age of 19, which is currently valued at 22cr (2020). With the vision of studying fiction, he connected with a lot of educational Institutes and professors to take over their digital efforts and used them to serve as platforms for educating those who were not accessible to it.

With time Anuj got into the hospitality business and started his own cafe in the city called Drip Cafe, which turned out to be a hotspot for chilling in the city. The cafe hosted big and happening parties, which bought more social connections to get into more segments of the business.

Anuj always believes in putting in an effort, and with the kind of social presence he has, things become easy and fluidic. Due to his connections, he often helps his peers and supports them in the rough time, due to which his goodwill has been amazing among his circle. Anuj always believes in achieving things and taking everyone together to progress with everybody.

Recently, Anuj started another cafe in the city’s hot spot called Owl cafe with 3 of his friends, making a nice and lush green for the people to chill. The cafe received amazing appreciation from the people of Lucknow.

Anuj also started a new venture called Sq Ft life to target a new segment altogether with his partner Aarav Srivastava to get into the city’s real estate market. 

With his innovative and tech-friendly idea, he aims to grow huge in the business and wants to conquer the market with his handwork.

In the coming days, Anuj wants to grow his yet another venture called Graphic bear, a digital marketing company to grasp clients across the whole state. His ideas and handwork make him a strong hustler to grab more and more eyes across the city.


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