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Let your Brand STAND OUT and put the Corona Virus out! Know more about Satpuda Engineering’s Designer Product “Meercat”.

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Satpuda has proudly unveiled ‘Meercat’

(A Foot-operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand) to everyone. In today’s time, people with high stature are very conscious about keeping a Sanitizer Dispenser Stand at their doorstep, which represents their status and greets their visitors with appropriate presence and workability. They say true aristocrats value the pure intent of a company that gives attention to detail. Satpuda has managed to win the hearts of some elite companies like Jahagirdar Foods, a renowned bakery with outlets all over Nashik, Maharashtra. who validate Satpuda’s nonpareil expertise in what they produce by installing Meercat in their outlets.

Meercat is the result of ‘Need’ and ‘Innovation’. The need for a hands-free Sanitizer Dispenser Stand that has a premium look and feel and blends flawlessly with all contemporary interior and architectural themes. The need for a sturdy sanitizer stand that remains steady during operation and is highly smooth to operate. Smooth workability gives a certain level of satisfaction which promotes regular usage of the sanitizer stand and ultimately serves the purpose of safety. It also ensures that the user can control the flow of the sanitizer while operating the stand. Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is the only company to identify these needs in today’s market and has come up with an innovative idea to satisfy these needs with its latest product offering named ‘Meercat’ (A Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser Stand).

‘Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd.’ seems to have taken inspiration from mother nature, especially when it comes to design, value, and ideology. In terms of design and concept, the very name of the sanitizer dispenser stand, ‘Meercat’, is derived from an animal, a small mongoose found in Southern parts of Africa. Meerkat (Mongoose) is well known for how it stands on two legs with its prominent posture. It is noticeable that the name and the design are inspired by the animal’s remarkable features, geometry, and alignment. The smooth and flawless workability of the sanitizer stand also seems to be inspired by how the Meerkat mongoose moves.

The design’s elegant appeal and practical usage attract a significant part of India’s corporate and commercial sector. “It fills our hearts with great delight and content to see how ‘Meercat’ has successfully upgraded the sanitizer dispensing experience for our customers all over India. Meercat symbolizes your birth right to stand out.,” says Mr. Kedar Patil (C.E.O., Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd.).

Meercat has proven itself to eradicate people’s annoyance while operating a sanitizer dispenser stand and has added a visual appeal to the space it occupies. Meercat can be installed and utilized everywhere: a food outlet, restaurant, hospital, company, corporate park, office, educational compound, bungalow, society, or any place outside and inside a closed room.

As a branch of human intelligence, the core purpose of engineering is to make our lives simple. Satpuda always believes in challenging the industry’s status quo with innovative ideas that address the problems people have gotten used to and have accepted them as a way of living for years. By giving solutions to these problems, they have been upgrading the quality of living of their customers. Meercat is one such simple yet innovative solution that adds to the essence of their customers’ lifestyle.

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