“LeadMagnet” Wins The ‘Digital Marketing Organization of the Year’ Award

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Undoubtedly, the scope of digital marketing is growing rapidly. And that almost every industry has started making the most of the social media platforms. Digital marketing strategies are crucial to businesses as many consumers use the internet to know a product/service. In view of the same, the competition nowadays is on a hike which has given rise to a myriad number of marketing companies in the digital market.

Among these is LEADMAGNET Pvt. Ltd, a Ludhiana based digital marketing agency, which has recently been recognised as the Digital Marketing Organization of the Year by Global Business Icons 2021. 

LeadMagnet is one name that is on the hit list when it comes to marketing digitally in North India, especially Punjab. Mr Joginder Singh Bedi, the Director of the organisation, has always been a consistent support and contribution in the growth & expansion. It all started with a single branch in Ludhiana, which is today spread at Mohali, NCR & is ready to shoot up to Dubai in 2022. 

This digital marketing influencer has himself taken decisive actions to develop the brands and the organisation itself. Initiated with a thought process that social media and the internet can continuously boost businesses towards their true potential & leads, LeadMagnet has come so far. 

Another commendable innovation happened during the global pandemic. The expertise and experience of the crew helped many businesses switch to online mode and gave them a competitive edge. 

Maximising the growth of the business with the least investment within a stipulated time has been the primary focus of LeadMagnet. Talking to Mr Bedi, it was found that “there has been a neck to neck competition in every industry during today’s time. Only that company succeeds which is chosen by the audience over the competitors without any doubt.”

That’s why under the guidance of their director, the team aims at “SOLVING THE PROBLEM, rather than SELLING THE PRODUCT”, and that’s where their point of difference lies.

LeadMagnet is a firm grip of planners, videographers, content creators, designers and marketers, who have excelled in achieving outstanding project results. Their devotion, dedication & ready-to-work attitude is the actual reason behind the organisation’s success. 

A highly skilled team and coping up with the latest industry trends is the main reason that why LeadMagnet is a preferred choice of the clients today. 

As millennials and Generation Z are completely active on Social media, gaining their attention is very important to promote the services and increase profits. For this purpose, LeadMagnet provides intense marketing ideas to these brands to prosper. In addition to this, LeadMagnet is the first organisation (Punjab) that has its own Video Production House. Right from concept planning to execution & implementation, a team of adept directors are always present for apt outcomes. 

To convince yourself, customer satisfaction & reviews tell the whole story. Clients are confident now with the approach and the audience who love to see their content socially. Keeping the clients’ growth & satisfaction in priority, LeadMagnet is growing with an immense speed. By going international, LeadMagnet will be unstoppable, predicted to be 3x times the size & productivity by 2025. 

Here are a few achievements to count upon:

Partnership with Disney+Hotstar & Snapchat made it the only digital marketing agency to do so and provide its advantages to clients. 

A fully-equipped multipurpose studio makes LeadMagnet the first digital marketing agency with its own Video Production House, and this had undoubtedly turned out to be a productive investment where all the potential clients are served with the explosion of their mind, skill and equipment by delivering quality content as it is one of the essential aspects of the major success of any business in no time, by following the crowds.

With all this success, LeadMagnet, the trendsetters in the market, is looking forward to a wider world to explore and set benchmarks. 

So, don’t miss on LeadMagnet, your branding partner!! 




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