Kunal Devar : A young Serial Entrepreneur who made it big with his ideas.

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Entrepreneurship comes with it’s own hardships and challenges. Only the extremely hard working, determined and smart are able to overcome these challenges. The young 19-year-old from the small town Dombivli, has overcome many such challenges and has become an entrepreneur.

He started his journey at the age of 17 with a small business of making custom mobile phone cases and other small-scale electronics and clothing. Today, after just two years at the age of nineteen, Kunal has successfully launched his own clothing brand “KDTHREADS”! He designs these clothes and sells them online and, in his Mumbai based outlet. He has also established his very own PR and Marketing Agency, “KDSOCIALHUB” with almost 25 members and has a huge clientele. Well, this is not the end of his achievements, Kunal owns his very own Party Shop named “ORANGE” dealing in party décor and accessories. To run several successful businesses just at the age of 19, creating multiple sources of income, shows his fiery Entrepreneurial spirit.
Kunal is a third year B.M.S. student. Maintaining a proper education whilst keeping his businesses in a straight line speaks lengths about his abilities and management skills. Just the key qualities of an entrepreneur.
Kunal always stresses about the importance of doing something you like. He says, “If you do something that you really like, you are going to achieve success in it sooner or later. But if you enter into a field in which you have no interest, even if you succeed, the chances of which are slim; the sense of satisfaction and achievement will never be there”
Never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your heart: Always stay grounded, says Kunal. A simple but a very important point indeed. If you succeed in a certain project, remember that there’s always something better you can achieve; and if you fail in something, learn from your mistakes, and make sure not to repeat them.
“The biggest tip one can give” he says, “is that believe in yourself; there will be hundreds to drag you down, but if you believe in what you are doing, no force of this universe can stop you from achieving success!”
Do not forget to visit his Instagram: @kunal.devar


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