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Komal Parakh – A changemaker beaming high with innovative business idea

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Komal Parakh is the founder of Upcycle Corps a venture dedicated to bringing sustainable lifestyles to communities. Through her venture she had effectively prevented over 50000 meters of underutilized textile leftover from garment manufacturing and apparel production from going to waste by ending up in incinerators or landfills. By repurposing this entire textile into over 10000 sustainable clothing concepts Komal has generated employment opportunities for more than 150 artisans from rural part of India. 

A girl of heartfelt honor, Komal is a graduate in Economics and Political science from the University of Mumbai. Komal’s out of the box business idea is undoubtedly creating a difference to the society along with the creation of a change of people’s thinking on environment and sustainable living by saving thousands of meters of waste fabric and caring for mother Nature. 

Besides being an entrepreneur Komal is an ace writer and published several articles such as ‘Barter in the Age of Paucity and Excess’, ‘Dissolving Boundaries Through Sustainable Returns’ and ‘Application Development as a Career on LinkedIn’, the Harvard Crimson and Education Times (Times of India). She is a youth Advocate for sustainability, climate action and commits to end illiteracy and inequality of the youth. With this innovative sustainable approach Komal is undoubtedly empowering every Youth of the country together with unemployed Skilled labourers to become financially dependent and lead a better quality life. Indeed she is a true Indian with a dream in her eyes to make every Youth self reliant and powerful in all senses so that people become more efficient, more competitive and more resilient.

Claim to fame – Komal Parakh

– Awarded in the 1st Position for the Best Business Model at National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015.

– Accepted and recognized into the spring cohort of Harvard Innovation Labs Harvard Students Venture Network Program in 2018.

– Guest of honor as a speaker and mentor at the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at Bangkok in 2018 to discuss the challenges faced in the journey of her startup.

– Awarded as the ‘Outstanding young Achiever of the year 2021 Award’ for her exemplary achievements and contribution in the field of education.

– Awarded as the ‘Inspirational Woman of the year Award 2021’ in the Business and environment Category.

– Awarded as the ‘Influential Indians Award 2021’ for Academic Excellence.

– Featured in 2021 ‘30 under 30’ list of the Indian Achiever’s club.

– Featured in 2021 ’99 Achievers of India’ list of the Indian Achievers Club.

– Awarded with the International Brilliance Awards 2021 in the category of ‘Innovative Founder of the year (sustainability)’

– Awarded with OBP Motivational Award for Academic Excellence.

Komal’s passion to serve the society in her own unique ways made her counted on the top with the recognition of India’s influential personality in 2021 that had created and made huge impact together with inspiring a huge chunk of aspiring entrepreneurs to walk on the same path and become self-sustaining and self generating.

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