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Koko Petkov: The Significance of Acquiring Relevant Skills Before Jumping Feet First in Any Industry

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It is often tempting to throw caution to the wind and dive headlong into any industry as long as it is booming. If there’s gold in those hills and easy money to be made, time is of the essence and you need to get the jump on your rivals, right? Wrong! Unless you know the industry inside-out and have the necessary skills to pay the bills, you won’t have the legs to go the distance. Just ask the founder of Koko Trading, Koko Petkov.

As someone who lost a small fortune trading on the stock exchange in the early days because he jumped in feet first without any trading experience or the necessary know-how, Koko Petkov learned the hard way that just as pride comes before a fall, youthful arrogance always leads to disaster.

Petkov explained, “Because I was young and already a successful businessman who owned a car trading company, I thought I could master the art of trading with little or no experience. That was my big mistake. I lost everything, including my car business. I was far too naive and reckless when it came to the stock market, and I paid the penalty. I hit rock bottom literally overnight.”

Broke, riddled with debt, and destitute, Koko Petkov had two choices – give up and remain unfulfilled, or dig in deep, research, and upskill like his life depended on it. Through studying, dedication, and burning the candle at both ends, Petkov finally managed to turn the tables on the market that had nearly ruined him.

Koko Petkov added, “Learning is never free, and so I took an endless succession of dead-end jobs which afforded me the opportunity in my spare time to devour everything I could about the stock market and trading. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. I wanted to be fully versed in everything there was to know about trading before my next encounter with the market.”

Petkov’s patience and diligence eventually paid off. Slowly, he began to master the art of trading, and as he started to see a significant return on his deals, he began to pay off his mountain of debt and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Yet, rectifying his earlier error wasn’t enough for Petkov. He wanted to help others avoid the same pitfall that had nearly gotten the best of him, and so he founded Koko Trading, a platform that offers the world’s first completely online course for safe trading.

Koko Petkov explained, “Our course offers first-time traders a step-by-step guide to the stock market. If such a course had been around when I first started, it would have saved me a lot of grief and money. Yet, the satisfaction I get from watching my students successfully navigate the tricky minefield that is the stock market makes it all worthwhile.”

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