Ken Collis on How You Can Unlock Your Brand’s True Potential

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‘Brand’ is the buzzword in today’s times. Everyone focuses on creating a brand, promoting a brand, and all verbs possible with the term. But while working with a brand, most people work around it instead of with it, and therein lies their folly. The most important thing to grow a brand is to explore it till the true potential is unlocked, allowing it to bloom in all its glory. And that is what Ken Collis, founder of TLK Fusion, believes and encourages others to do. 

TLK Fusion is a 360-degree marketing partner for brands. A one-stop-shop for all queries, TLK Fusion marries traditional marketing strategies with a new-age digital approach while also factoring in influencer marketing, celebrity marketing, and product distribution. The team has worked with celebrities such as the Kardashians, Mario Lopez, Ray J and more, and helped many brands catapult to success. All of this was made possible because of the brain of Ken Collis and his vision. 

Collis believes that growing from the inside out strengthens the brand and the marketing. He not only guides the clients on how to best market their product but also on how to grow the brand itself. From his years of experience, Collis has realized a few things about the growth of brands. 

A brand is its people.

Happy employees and partners lead to the positive growth of a brand. By fostering good relations and long-term associations, brands encourage an exchange of goodwill and good ideas, thereby leading to exponential growth. 

No idea is inconsequential.

Every idea has potential. The phrase ‘don’t diss it till you try it’ holds weight because you never know which idea might strike gold. Every idea, however small, deserves to be explored.  

Never underestimate the power of marketing.

A good marketing campaign can work wonders. It helps the brand make noise, making the world stand up and notice. However good the brand is, if not portrayed well, it won’t be seen properly. Marketing that keeps up with the times and showcases the brand in a light favorable to the era can help the brand manifold. 

Growing a brand is hard work. But watching an idea come to life and then rise to its true potential is worth the effort. Finding the right direction becomes crucial in this journey. Visionaries like Ken Collis have the wisdom that can help brands unlock their true potential if listened to and followed. 


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