Kartik Choudhary: Youngest Digital Marketer in New Delhi

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Kartik Choudhary is the Youngest Digital Marketer in New Delhi. Kartik is a 16-year-old Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and is also known as the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in New Delhi. He is achieving Great Heights at a young age. Having a mature mindset and a focused mind is all that you need, and Kartik having such great qualities is the future of the country. Kartik believes that “Success is the result of hard work and Dedication, you are putting in to achieve your goals”

During the lockdown, everyone was getting bored at home and doing timepass, at the same time, Kartik thought of doing something Productive. He learned Digital Marketing, tried everything on his account, and gained practical knowledge too. He started working as a freelancer and helping people to grow on Social Media. He worked for a few clients but unfortunately got failed in satisfying their needs. One of the most important things he has learned is that businesses don’t fail, entrepreneurs give up. Now sometimes, giving up is the right decision. But usually, you just need to dig in and figure out how to make things better.

Remember: Every day is a new opportunity to get up and do it better than yesterday! He got certified by google for Digital Marketing and got a Certificate by Google. He had contacts in the Industry already and got some help from his friends in learning more advanced Digital Marketing. He worked Day and Night to professionalize his skills and became a Facebook Ads Expert at some time. Kartik joined groups of Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs so that he can get motivated and knowledgeable about their work. As we know that “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” so, he started his Digital Marketing Agency named Fame Exports and thought of something creative. Fame Exports recently completed its one year in Digital Marketing Agency and also completed their 250 clients. Kartik, in his agency, provides services like Press Release, Social Media Management, App and Website Development, Content Writing, Youtube Adwords, lead generation, graphic designing, and many more services.

He has a team of professionals and they believe in punctuality and good service. Kartik started earning when he was just 15 and now he has reached the stage in his life, which he never thought he’ll get to. Daily meetings and conversations, increasing his contacts and people trusted him for all the services he provides. Fame Exports have also worked with many brands like Niraag Wellness, Nike Campaigns, Theology India, Nutrilite, Amway, A+, and many other brands. Many news publications, started writing articles about Kartik and his inspiring stories. He got many articles in 2020 and now also, he gets featured frequently. Truly said, Kartik Choudhary is the Youngest Digital Marketer in New Delhi. He’s trusted by so many celebrities that he has also gained a lot of reputation and respect for himself and his company in the social media market. Working hard to take the stakes of his company FAME EXPORTS even higher shortly. After achieving huge success in Fame Exports, he thought of entering in Influencer Marketing Industry also. Kartik along with Geet Ahuja started an influencer marketing agency named Hyena Media in December 2020.

In just 2 months, they promoted 40 songs and more than 10 brands through influencer marketing. He’s handling 30+ popular influencers on Instagram and is hooked up with extra than three hundred creators. Kartik also got many contacts in Bollywood and became a well-known Digital Marketer. At a particular time, he was inspired by many digital marketers of his age and now all of them are working with him. This youngest Digital marketer in New Delhi commenced getting respect from many well-known personalities as he made them happy via his digital marketing competencies. Recently, Kartik got appreciated by Sonu Sood via voice call.

This is indeed a huge achievement for a 16-year-old star. The best part about Kartik Choudhary and his firm is that they believe in creating jobs. He’s being an inspiration to so many young people out there. His forever growing firm and fame, the presence on google say it all. His optimistic and hardworking nature and exemplary PR & publication skills are applaudable! Kartik is also an Actor and Model as we can see on his Instagram Feed (@thekartikchoudhary). He loves getting clicked and he a quite an impressive poser. He also plans to make a short film with his mates super soon. We wish him luck with his upcoming projects. Thank you!


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