Journey of Vikas Bharati: From remotes’ of East Bihar to 25 crore Business Empire

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Rome was not built in a day, and that is also the story of today’s leading education platform, PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions, and the man of caliber behind it, Mr. Vikas Bharati. A serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the proud founder of PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions. On a loop of career guidance, technology, and innovation, Vikas Bharati lived and breathed business. Born in a middle-class family in a village in East Bihar, he had been a curious kid with a different take on things which yearned him to choose the path less chosen. That was the moment of Entrepreneurial spark that blazed the trail of the inspirational journey of the VB Group of Companies.

From East Bihar to Bengaluru, this Techie turned businessman is changing the way career counseling was seen so far! Let’s know his journey ahead!

But the idea of entrepreneurship was alien to Vikas’ family. His father being an army officer and mother a lecturer, the conventional aims and aspirations were put on his path. Seldom does life pan out as planned! It was when the wrong career selection of conventional Engineering over Mass Communication, opened the doorway to his business venture in career guidance.

A bad career choice can be a huge bulwark of growth. As students are highly impressionable, the right guidance gets absorbed in their minds and brightens their career as well as their lives. Back in 2008, dichotomy existed in the realm of career guidance. Not everyone had the means to know about all career options. Neither the guiding people were in good numbers nor the career options reached the students.

While Mr. Vikas was pursuing his first year of Engineering in 2008, PlanEdu saw its inception. With 1.5 lakhs as a loan, he took on the role of a single caller who would shepherd students on their rightful career moves. Henceforth, there was no turning back being the career compass to the young generation.

PlanEdu’s first-ever office was set up in Kharagpur, West Bengal; expanding further into popular cities like Asansol and Siliguri with a small team of ambitious mates. Relentless efforts by the handful of veterans alongside Vikas Bharati put Planedu on a fast track. PlanEdu clears the baffling counseling protocols and admission criteria and helps students and parents get clarity. Now lakhs of students get their pearls of wisdom from the counselors before taking the biggest decision of their lives.

It was not all smooth sailing in his Business career. In 2014, PlanEdu went to the brink of bankruptcy. It was the indomitable spirit of Mr. Vikas Bharati & the few loyals supporting him to rise above all adversity, which they say, is the true test of character.

As the digital landscape was expanding radically, Vikas decided to try his hand at the technological ground. Capitalizing on the opportunities and sharpened minds, Tedroox Technologies was born in October 2019. With innovation as its wheels, the new venture was running at a brisk pace offering Web & App development, Designing, and Digital Marketing Services. In a short span of 2 years, Tedroox has achieved unprecedented success and is leaving creative imprints everywhere.

When the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged Businesses, he stood strong safeguarding his employees. But Mr. Vikas had no qualms about placing people over profit. Indeed the glorious results are evident now. The ingenious team is giving it back to him as rewards, accolades, and immense ROI.

To deepen the services, the dedicated ventures for medical and MBA career guidance were set up as FutureMedico and MBA4me. The need for dedicated and personalized career mentorship and admission guidance amidst the hazy college admissions in India in 2021, drew the major reason for initiating and Further, to help politicians achieve electoral success, Nyaay, a unique platform revolutionizing the Indian political scenario was established in 2021.

With a bunch of companies under the umbrella, the upcoming years look busy and equally rewarding for Mr.Vikas. Recently, HBW news conferred Mr. Vikas Bharati, honoring him with the Global 50 Glory Awards alongside Elon Musk, Avika Gor, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Priyanka Chopra, and other leading personalities in their respective fields.

The world of business is infinite and so is the urge to become a maven in its trade. With all the hiccups and barriers, churned Mr. Vikas a battle-hardened soldier. With a laser focussed eye on the new trends in Business, you can see him at the forefront of technologies.

The curious learner’s mind and an energetic soul within will always propel him to newer adventures.

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