Jordan Alexander King: Hustling his way to the top in the entrepreneurial world as a sought-after multipreneur.

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His businesses exude his tenacity and passion for making it huge across niches he has dived in so far.

It is said that what people choose during tough times is what helps define them as professionals and individuals. Life can pose many challenges. What one chooses to do amidst such circumstances may define what they can achieve in their lives and careers. To think of entering the business world as a person coming from a humble background would be a courageous decision. A few such brave individuals have indeed proved their determination by choosing to be a part of their chosen industries with the aim to do something bigger and better in life.

Jordan A. King’s life story is one such that has been inspiring in ways more than one. Not just because this young guy dreamed big, but because he worked relentlessly and passionately to change his life for the better. Today, Jordan King is known as the king of diversifications for a reason.

King serves as the owner of “Alexander King Enterprises” (AK Enterprises). A holdings company which is the parent company to four of his robust businesses. He confesses that his education from the University of Guelph and a certificate from the Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. also contributed to the success he has gained. Today he is the founding partner of TUK Capital, TUK Developments Inc, and Choice Renovations Canada.

King started working at the age of 12 as a paperboy for a local newspaper. He saw his parents struggle to give them a better life. Very early he learned that things and life are not meant to be taken for granted. Over the years, he became more thankful and appreciative of the things and people he had in his life and grateful for the values learned.

King, who also played Junior A hockey for the Mississauga Chargers Organization and got inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2009, scoring the first-ever goal in the new OJHL semi-pro hockey league. He says that apart from building his portfolio in real estate, his interest and love for music also took him into the entertainment industry. There he founded his music label, which he grew into a promotional marketing agency.

King worked as an artist on his own record label, recorded songs, hosted live shows and even worked in artist development. He reveals that the formation of his consulting company that he co-owns, TUK Capital that specializes in creative financing, and turnkey developmental projects, was due to the exposure he got and the networking he did in the entertainment field.

TUK Developments Inc is another venture of his that has grown as an 8-figure real estate holding company, owning a wide range of portfolio of rental properties, containing different property types.

And Choice Renovations Canada services new constructions and home renovations has also grown as a construction firm.

“Diversifying across industries has helped me survive the storm caused by the pandemic. It has even helped me and my business partner make multi-million-dollar real estate deals during such times,” says the versatile talent, who is also known for the philanthropic work he does for his community.

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