Joey Stiver is a self-taught entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the supplement and medical industry through his innovative and cost-effective products. Despite dropping out of college, Stiver’s passion for knowledge and helping people drove him to create multiple successful enterprises, including Vaxxen Labs, a supplement brand, and a program for underserved youth named Inspiring Minds. His latest endeavor, MedLab International Inc., has been recognized as the fastest-growing privately-owned company in Ohio in 2020 and ranked 25th on the INC5000 list.

What sets MedLab International apart from its peers is its unwavering commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price. Stiver asserts that instead of resorting to price gouging, his team procures the highest quality supplies and products available and provides them at the best possible rates.

Stiver and his team doubled down on their efforts during the pandemic to assist the community and other areas across the country by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) items, sending over 100,000 items to those in need. They also launched a telemedicine branch of the business, MinuteMD, Inc., to connect patients with licensed physicians who could provide care.

Stiver’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in his companies’ success. Under his guidance, Vaxxen Labs, a leading supplement company based in Ohio, has become a leader in the industry, with numerous accolades and awards to its name. Vaxxen Lab’s commitment to innovation and quality has set it apart from the competition, and its products are highly sought after by consumers around the world. Stiver is also the founder of MedLab International Inc. and MinuteMD, two companies that are committed to producing innovative, high-quality products that prioritize the needs of consumers.

Stiver emphasizes that their primary strategy is execution by creating a plan and adapting to industry changes. For anyone interested in launching a business in the medical industry, Stiver advises perseverance and patience, as regulatory hurdles, approvals, and bureaucratic red tape are commonplace. Stiver anticipates continued growth in demand for their products as people age, undergo surgery, and fall ill. The longer they can sustain and flourish in this field, the more notable their brand(s) will become, engendering consumer trust.


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