Jerome Myers has many strings to his bow and widely known and respected as a wealth manager/life and business coach for financial advisors. A successful entrepreneur with insights that can only be described as gold.

If you have just sold your business, it’s likely that you are asking one of two questions.

Is this really it?


What was it all for?

We’ve seen it time and time again where founders are going through an existential crisis and unsure where to go next.  The rush of bootstrapping their company to get to an exit has dominated their lives for the past several years and with a signature it’s over.

Now you have more money than you have ever had with all the options in the world, yet you feel trapped.  It’s akin to being on a ship in the middle of the ocean without a compass and no sailing experience.

Jerome knows this better than anyone because he’s been out to see multiple times in his life:

“Everyone thinks they are the only person going through these feelings. Truth is, even though we all have different circumstances we all experience the same types of pains.”

For Jerome, his second out to sea moment was when he left corporate America after building a 20M division from 0 for a Fortune 550 company.  The freedom and resources were there but knowing where to apply them was a challenge.  It was one that haunted him because it was clear that having all those options could lead to a disastrous outcome if used improperly. As a result, he decided that he didn’t want to do anything for money.  This starving artist approach is always short lived…

This rule was no different for Jerome because he quickly found himself surrounded by people who only wanted to take from him.  And because he saw himself as fortunate, he condoned these unhealthy relationships and allowed them to erode at his self-image which negatively impacted his health.

When Jerome met his coach, he thought he was set. But his old way of thinking continued to plague him, and soon things got worse than they ever had before.

As Jerome says:

“My life was so empty.  It didn’t feel like anything I did mattered anymore and I began wondering if anyone cared if I was around if I wasn’t buying something for them or throwing a party. My life felt meaningless. I needed to find someone to help or a problem to solve”

One day following a funeral Jerome started asking:

“If I died today who would carry my casket?”

It was at this point, Jerome hit rock bottom and decided things needed to change.  Deep self-reflection and coaching were the starting point but there was still something missing.

The need for community was there.  Now, he is dedicating his life to helping other newly exited operators (N.E.O.s) find purpose in their life and regain the purpose, excitement, and intensity. More importantly, he helps them live up to the person they know is deep down on the inside but hiding because of fear that others won’t see them as the new person they have become.

How does Jerome do this? 

He offers a Mastermind program where N.E.O.s learn what needs to be addressed and how to turn the light back on inter lives over the course of 12 months.

“The program includes assessments, tools and face to face gathers that allow you to find your pack and begin to howl again.”

The real secret to the success of the program though, is accountability and support from other N.E.O.s.

As a N.E.O.s you often feel like you can’t talk about what you’re going through because you are the only one going through it. Couple that with the fact that you believe most people believe will not understand or feel compassion for you and you have the perfect recipe for sinking into isolation.

The program has created a safe place for N.E.O.s to have the confidential and deep conversations you have been seeking – so you stop trying to figure it out on your own.


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