Javed Khan Shoots for the Stars as the Founder of JKMT

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The life of Javed Khan is full of obstacles and overcoming adversity. The reason he was able to do this is clear. Javed had a vision and motivation by the bucket-full. Because of this vision, Javed has been able to build a significant fortune and create swathes of success for himself, despite the fact he is only 21 years old.

Javed started his emphatic story as just a student living in the East End of London, where he was born and raised. He is from a humble background, but that didn’t stop him from having a big vision and growing his passion for trading on the FOREX markets, and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Javed Khan also hasn’t forgotten his humble roots, as his main goal in life is to be able to financially support his family and friends from his success. This success has already led Javed to becoming a master educator in his field, and pushed him further afield to move to Dubai.

Javed’s story started from a simple dream to improve his lifestyle, and then financially support his family, but at first he didn’t know how. That was until he came across foreign exchange trading in 2016 while he studied in College. This was only the start of the turbulent story of Javed Khan though. Javed decided to invest all of his savings into the markets. Despite his enthusiasm and passion, he lost everything that he had saved.

Irrespective of his first failure, he wanted to push on. The fact he had lost all of his savings in a matter of hours was not important to him. He had a goal, and he wanted to achieve it. Some would look at Javed and think he was crazy, while some can appreciate the fire and desire inside him. He decided to take a much larger sum from his father’s savings and put it into the trading markets. Despite knowledge of the huge risk he was taking, he still managed to lose everything again. At this point, Javed had lost a total of £20,000 in the foreign exchange markets, which consisted of both his own money, and money had borrowed from others.

Javed needed to recoup the money he had borrowed, so took on a job as a pizza delivery man. However, he knew the only way he was going to recoup such a large amount of money quickly was through trading, so he continued to put money into the markets, until he eventually found success. This time, he saw huge results, and was very quickly able to recover the money he had borrowed from friends and family. Javed Khan was beginning to realise his dream and passion to become a foreign exchange trader.

This level of success might be enough for most, but Javed wanted more. He has since devoted his entire life to further his experience and knowledge in the markets in order to impart his knowledge onto others. He has expanded his foreign exchange business, but also become a high level foreign exchange educator to the masses. This is clearly only the beginning for Javed Khan, and his success will continue to prosper.

Javed is still incredibly young at only 21 years of age, and has overcome such a high level of adversity. With this experience, there is no doubt he will achieve his stratospheric goals in the future.

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